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Consulting Assignment Posted On    
Evaluating wealth management space in USA06/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding listing process in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding bearing manufacturer space06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Vaccine Market06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of IT Services Space in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Infrastructure Sector in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Lead- acid Battery Market in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electrolyte Drinks Market in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Food Delivery Space in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on Multiple Sector06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Used Car and Lending Business in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding on Automotive Accessories Market in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automation Segment in India06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) space06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Battery Insurance Space in India 06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Healthcare Industry06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating supply chain function in multifarious industries06/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating best practices in digital marketplace/e-commerce industry 06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Auto frame design 06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating apparel manufacturing space in Bangladesh 06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Artificial Intelligence Market 06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding project monitoring challenges in India power & infra sector06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Global Oil & Gas Construction Space06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Railway Construction Space06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of railways industry in India06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Diagnostic Industry in India06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Technology Market in India06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agriculture Insurance Segment in India06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding global trends in OEM06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Shipping and Logistics Space06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Banking Industry06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding competitive landscape of premium smartphone market in India06/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of digital branch banking space in India 06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of agri business sector in India 06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating integrated shield plans in SEA region 06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Rewards/Loyalty Platform in Banking industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of neo banks tech architecture space globally 06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Baby food industry in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Consumer Electronics space06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Personal Care Market in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Market for Pre-Schools in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Payments space06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Health insurance market in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Passenger Vehicles Market in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating environment solutions industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services in Insurance Segment06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Industrial Automation Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Telecom Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating audio and hearables market in India06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Retail Banking06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Banking and Financial Services Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Automotive Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Retail Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Insurance Industry06/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Battery Swapping for Heavy Vehicles06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends shaping packaging industry in Europe06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding healthcare space in ASEAN market06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding wheat procurement practices in FMCG industry 06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Expert in energy sourcing and captive power plants06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Oleochemicals industry 06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in semiconductor industry 06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding sustainable finance market in Asia06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Property Management space in China06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Key industry trends in website building space06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding domestic engineering services markets in China and Japan06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating banking correspondents strategy in Brazil06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IR and manufacturing experts in auto component industry 06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-Commerce Enablement Space in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Glassware industry in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Tractor Market in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of B2B marketplace in Construction and Infrastructure sector in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview on Automotive Segment06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Field Service Mobile Apps Space in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
AI Practices in IT Services Segment06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Senior Experts in HR Outsourcing Segment06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Facility Management Industry in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Online Women’s Innerwear Segment in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Grinding Media Industry06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Smartphone Applications in India06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in port operations06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Retail Banking space06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Banking Industry06/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Testing and Inspection Experts06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating smelter space in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating railways equipment manufacturing space in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of consumer tech space 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Electric Vehicle Space in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Payments Market in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of NBFC Sector in India 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
BFSI Sector in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Content and Service outsourcing space06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Loyalty Programs in Gaming Industry06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online General Insurance Market in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding IT Spend and vendor landscape of Indian Conglomerates06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global secured loans space 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Gaining insights in the Gastrointestinal space 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Healthcare Industry06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Consumer Health industry 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Free Trade Warehousing Zones in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding IT Services Transformation 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding International Purchase Office (IPO) in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating medical consumables industry in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding trends in cotton procurement space in India 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Financial Services Space in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Contract Research & Manufacturing in the Pharma Industry06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Steel Industry06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding transformation of copper smelter operating through mitsubishi process06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of lighting product manufacturing industry in India 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Australian events sector 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Specialty Retail Market (Mom & Baby categories) in Vietnam06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Banking and Financial Services Industry06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Sector in India 06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Multifarious Consumer Sector in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Derivatives Market in the Middle East region06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian Power Generation and Transmission Space06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of personal loans journey in Indian Banking Sector06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Italian Wealth Management space06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding foodservices business in US06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Digital transformation in Consumer Packaged Goods Sector06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Logistics space06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview on IT Service Provider Segment06/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of D2C liquid cooling system market landscape06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Autonomous Vehicle Technology in Mining 06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmacovigilance Segment in India06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digitalisation of Construction Industry Globally06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hair Salon Market in India06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Segment in India06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Viscose Staple Fibre Industry06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Chlor-Alkali Industry in India06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Temporary Staffing in Indian E-Commerce Industry06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding EMI and Pay Later options in E-Commerce Space06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global IT Services Industry06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Four Wheel Sector in South East Asia 06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global IT Outsourcing Services Industry06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of EV battery manufacturing space in China & Japan06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
2W automotive manufacturing landscape in Philippines & Indonesia 06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global events and conferences across sectors06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Market in Africa06/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Logistic Space in India06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating housing finance industry06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding upskilling activities in the IT Industry06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industry Expert in Smart account statement06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Solar Panel space06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the operating model of outbound sales call center 06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Steel Market06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Workforce Planning and Talent Sourcing Segment in India06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Iron Ore Mining & Pellets Industry06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding trends in oncology drugs market in India06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Sports Retail market in India06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding MIC downstream synergies between aluminium & steel plants06/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding top-up loan business 06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the unit economics of rotary compressors in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Call Center Operations06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Cloud Service Providers in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Wealth Management in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Chemical Soda & Pigment Industry in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Aluminium Die Casting Segment in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Automation Segment in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fiber Connectivity in the Telecom Industry in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Enterprise solutions in the Telecom Industry in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
BFSI Space in India06/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wires, cables & copper rod manufacturing industry globally 06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Upskilling Industry in India06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Palladium mining industry06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Return to Work Approach in Corporate sector in Thailand06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Oral Healthcare Sector in India06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Consumer Goods Industry06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Precision Manufacturing Space in USA06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Health & Fitness Platforms06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of home entertainment retail space globally 06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of property damage restoration providers market in Nordic region06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Malaysian general insurance market 06/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of mitigation & climate adaptation measures in Malaysia 05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating job portals serving blue & grey collar segment in India 05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Nutraceutical Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understand Art Sharing Platforms in Japan 05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Petrochemicals Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Banking and Financial Services05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Electrical Steel market05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of E-waste Market05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Exports market globally05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Agri Food Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in IT Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Engineering and R&D Industry in India 05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Healthcare Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global trends in BPO sector05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Healthcare Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in IT Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of trends in Banking and Financial Services05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Ion exchange market05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating digitization trends in Human Resources05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Artificial Intelligence domain05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Actuator Market in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hair Color Market in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of water treatment industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in FMCG Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Logistics Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
SaaS Space in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Payment gateway system in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding net revenue management in beverage manufacturer space globally. 05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding steel sourcing benchmarks in EPC companies05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in industrial machinery manufacturing space05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Growth drivers for ASRS equipment in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Healthcare Industry05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the printed circuit board market in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding impacts of B2B API for Transaction Banking05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends globally in Banking and Financial services05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Seeds Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemicals Industry in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Motor Insurance Segment in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating vaccine supply chain in India05/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of software solutions in Energy and Power sector. 05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global IT and technology sector05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of compliance mandates in UK banking sector05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Thailand telecom market05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Agri offtake and process dynamics for Rice and Mango in Food manufacturing sector05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of European food and beverage industry05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global Urea Market05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global IT/BPO service industry05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating LCL consolidation for freight forwarders globally05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating industrial boiler designs globally05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating corporate social initiatives in IT Industry05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Sports precincts globally 05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking voice coil motor in Camera Smartphone manufacturing Industry05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Tubular Glass manufacturing in Pharmaceutical space. 05/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of E-learning Platform in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Power Generator Market in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Expert on Multiple Sector 05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Gaming market in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Healthcare Industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Asian petrochemicals industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Biosimilars Market05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding High-Performing Culture & Enabling Functions in multifarious industries05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Paints Industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Water Supply Infrastructure Requirement in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Commodity Exchange Industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Operations & Supply Chain functions and India QSR space05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the programmatic advertising space05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
QSR Industry in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Home Appliances Segment in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating marketing functions in Indian building materials industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wifi infra at metro & railway stations05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Laminates Industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding agency business in Indian Insurance Industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding basic organization structure of Indian PSUs05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of the oxygen plant set-ups at Indian hospitals05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian Banking Sector05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the global machine tool competitive market05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Out of Home Advertising techniques at Fuel Stations05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Operational Expenses in Oil & Gas Upstream operations05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian Banking industry05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Online brokerage firms 05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Principles of Cold Storage Market in Europe05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Banking customer journey in Philippines05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer and Industrial Fan Industry in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating ICT market opportunities in Malaysia05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Banking and Financial Services05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
AI Products Market in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
PVC Pipes Industry in India05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the light building materials market 05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of personal care product manufacturing industry in India 05/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Homelessness and Housing Instability Industry Expert05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Singaporean Insurance Sector05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global e-procurement agencies space05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the corporate credit card domain in Indian market 05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in HVAC/AC systems industry05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Jewellery Space in India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Adhesive and Emulsions Manufacturer in India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on e-Pharmacy market in Philippines05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking various functions in Indian Pharma Industry05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian Health-Tech platforms space05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Global Industrial Automation and Technology Space05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian FMCG & Industrial Goods Sector05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Financial Services Sector05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of immersive retail marketing globally 05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of tiling adhesive market in India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in farmer financing space05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of paints & coatings market in China05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding latest trends in data analytics space globally05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Healthcare Landscape in Indonesia05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of protective garment manufacturing industry globally05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Oncology Space in India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of aluminum extrusion business India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview on Confidential Computing Space05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Recovery & Disbursement Space in India05/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating BPO sector in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Payments Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Bicycle Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Global Eyewear Market05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding retail lending for LAS and SBF05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian glassware market05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Advanced Materials Market in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of the Global Data Operations Platforms Market Landscape05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Dairy Products Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicles Market in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmaceutical Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Durable Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Glass Industry in India05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating tablet market in consumer health industry05/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
2W Electric Vehicle Space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking Study on R&D activities in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SaaS based IT- system for e-Governance05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the CDMO Space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of ICT Distribution Space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Industry in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in LED Lighting Segment05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding reciprocating compressor procurement in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Tariff optimization for port05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Housing Finance industry in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Credit Card Industry in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Digitization in Agrochemical Industry05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
LED lighting Space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian & Global Steel Industry05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Digital Platform Strategy of various industries05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Intelligent Automation Services Space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in plastic packaging industry05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the COVID care space in India05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking organization structure of leading companies in multifarious industries05/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Supply Chain Management in the Indian 2W Automotive Industry05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Product Engineering Services Market in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Offline Pharmacy Market in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding High rise Elevator market in Souteast Asia region05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Two Wheeler Financing Space in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Specialty Chemicals Contract Manufacturing Space in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of refrigerant gases market globally 05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fire Insurance Space in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Power Transmission Bidding in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Payments Industry in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Consumer Electronics Sector in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the global payments systems and software space05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian Life Insurance Industry05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Mobile banking and cybersecurity experts in Indian banking sector05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Multi-Channel Marketing domain in Consumer Goods and Pharma companies05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of metro rail network & operations in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Manufacturing-as-a-Service Space in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Durable Manufacturers Space in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian IT Outsourcing Services Industry05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding coal supply & demand trends globally 05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wall putty market in India 05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in B2B Marketplace Industry in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ecommerce Sector in India05/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Product Journeys in Insurance and Investment05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of railway equipment space in India05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Telecalling model deployed by CPG companies05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding best practices in Investor Relations teams05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Nitrile Gloves industry expert in India05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of telecom industry05/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Instant Food Batter Segment in India05/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Life Insurance Industry05/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Experts in multifarious industries05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from digital transformation space05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding operating model of sovereign wealth funds globally05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding latest trends in conversational banking space globally05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding manufacturing landscape in different sectors05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of lithium-ion batteries manufacturing space globally 05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Market in India05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of industrial development policy & functions in India 05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the current Indian app ecosystem05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of internal captive IT services in global insurance sector05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hair Dryer Market in India05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding growth opportunities for IT services in Customer Experience and Data transformations05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Technological sector in global markets05/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ocean Freight Trading Space in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian Rice Market05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Wealth Advisory & Portfolio Management Services Business in India 05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
ESG Investing in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Biscuit Market in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on Used car journey in aggregator websites05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Tubular Glass Manufacturing in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Budget Hotels Chains in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating branch digital journeys for Home Loans in Indian Banks05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Surgical Dressing Market in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Electric Two Wheeler Market in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding distribution models of biopharma companies globally 05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
LED Lighting Space in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Learning & Development Space in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of zinc & aluminium smelting operations 05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding admission process at tier III private universities in India 05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of TMT rebars market in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Medical Devices industry 05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Fintech Segment in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Data and Analytics Services Market in Canada05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Home Interior Solutions Space in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Industrial Gas sector in India05/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating pharmaceuticals industry05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of water pumps industry in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Multi-function segment in Philippines Market05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of R&D in the Indian mobility sector 05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating industry landscape in pharma & healthcare sector 05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Rural Finance Industry in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts with Private Equity/ Investment Banking experience with focus on education 05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding merchant acquisition & partner ecosystem in kirana stores segment 05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of water treatment industry in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Food Delivery Space in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of innerwear manufacturing industry in India 05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of malted food drinks market in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of pharma logistics space in India05/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of academic achievement sourcing & manufacturing space in Asia 05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Three Wheeler Electric Vehicle Market in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Energy Sourcing and Consumption in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding key trends in the Indian roofing industry05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cement Industry in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Gases Sector in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ed-tech Industry in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Food Delivery Space in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Oil & Gas Sector05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Auto Classified Platforms in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Consumer Electricals Market05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Housing Finance Market in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of consumer insights & data monetization in multifarious industries 05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Speciality Chemicals Space in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Paints Market05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
EPC/Industrial OEM Segment in India05/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding NPS Framework05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
3-Wheeler Aggregators Market in India05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Payments Landscape in India05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
India Payment Gateway Market05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Grinding Media Industry05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Aluminium Market in China05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Weather Forecast Methods in India05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Buses Market in India05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding retail loan book 05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cement Industry in India05/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Interior designing05/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Ketchup & Sauces Market in India05/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Warehousing & Logistics Space05/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Space05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on the Insulin market in India05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Used Car Market in India05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Marketing Automation Space05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in consumer durable space05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Gems Stone Market in India05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Co-Branded Credit Card Market in India05/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global E-commerce Logistics Industry05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Timber & Logging Industry in Southeast Asia 05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Health Facilities Management Space in Singapore & Philippines05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Neo-banking and Cloud Telephony Sectors in India05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Food Delivery sector in India05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Apparel and Textile Market in India05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Durable Industry in India05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Gases Sector in India05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Market for Indian Brand Packaged Foods05/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding TAVI Markets in the US and Europe05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Video Streaming Tipping Space05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Credit Rating Agencies Space in India05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding L&D Trends in India05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemicals Industry in India05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive OEM Segment in India05/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Canned Fruits & Vegetables Market in India05/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Foundry Industry in India05/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Food Delivery Space in India05/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Marketplace in India05/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Retail Industry in Japan05/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Liquor Market in India05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Industrial Fastener space05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Medical Device Industry in the US05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Fintech in the Indian Wealth Management Space05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in manufacturing and supply chain functions in Indian FMCG Industry05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Market in India05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating used car lending segment in India05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in eSports Industry in India05/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Financial Services Industry in India05/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Indian Biscuit Industry05/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Homefinance space in India05/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Blockchain Solutions for MaaS05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Online Program Management in Universities globally05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Ayurvedic Market in India05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Payment Ecosystem in Bangladesh05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Group Health Insurance Space in India05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Dermatological Services in India & Middle East05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview on B2B Marketplace Segment in India05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian Hotels Industry 05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Diagnostic Services Market05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Tele-nutrition and Digital Nutrition Services in the US05/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in digital banking05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in IT Industry05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Indian fertilizers market 05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding digital landscape of agtech in India05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Banking Industry in India05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding B2B e-commerce space in India05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cargo Tricycles Industry in Nigeria, Peru, Bangladesh and Egypt05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in FMCG & Personal Care Industry in the US05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Capex costs in Paper Industry05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Food Delivery Space in India05/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview on Aquaculture Segment05/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of NBFC space in India05/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-learning Market in India05/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Alcoholic Beverage Segment in India05/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Agrochemicals GTM space 05/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in AlcoBev Industry in India05/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
EdTech Landscape in Indonesia05/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Aircraft Leasing Space05/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Banking and Financial Services Industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of PE funds space in India 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of collections in banking industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in procurement for transit for academic campuses04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Market for Steel in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Ed-tech ecosystem in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating market landscape of cement industry in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Market evaluation for road construction equipment04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of DRI based steel manufacturing process 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Personal Care Market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Health insurance market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of e-commerce industry in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating large scale infrastructure projects in Thailand04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in global food retailing space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating online sales of Life Insurance products in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Cloud-based IT system for After Sales service segment in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Gas Transportation space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evolution of Digital Twin technology 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking Downstream Fuels & Products in the Oil & Gas Sector04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Logistics (Express Delivery) market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Mortgage industry in UK and Hong Kong04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Manufacturing space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in LED lights market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wholesale grocery retail space in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Animal Welfare Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of home appliances market in Asia & Middle East 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Asset Management Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding operations & maintenance benchmarks in cement industry 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Procurement of Fiber Optic Hardware04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Regulations around Email Data Scraping Policy for Apps04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Performance Management & Investor Relations within PE Funds Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Popular Whiskey / Rum market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Agri-Tech Space in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of international school business in Japan04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Partnerships between Cloud Providers & IT Service Players04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retail banking sector in SEA04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of Covid-19 on Food & Beverage Industry in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Call Center software market 04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Pharma Industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Industrial Gases Manufacturing / Medical Oxygen Manufacturing space in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in South-East Asian Shopping Malls Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Sustainability & Social infrastructure in Industrial parks04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the Indian Health-Tech Start-Ups Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Influencer Marketing in Indian Tyre Industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking Housing and MSME loans in Indian Financial Services Industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the Tree Crops Space04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian & Global Onion Market04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Shipbuilding Industry04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Specialty Chemicals Market04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of front-end transformation in the logistics functions of various industries04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cryptocurrency Market in India04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian IT Services Sector04/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Auto Components Industry04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating online auto classifieds space in India04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating food delivery space in India04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Digital Payments and Merchant platforms in India04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in healthtech space04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics Sector in India04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating ecommerce industry in India04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Engineering Landscape04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of B2C ecommerce industry04/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of supply chain management in medical device industry globally 04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of B2C digital ecosystem in global telecom industry 04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of cement manufacturing industry in India 04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Regulations Governing Energy Mobility manufacturers in India 04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the Vegetables procurement Space04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Regulations Governing Private Limited Companies in India04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Generic Pharma Industry in India04/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in Telecom Industry04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in sales & distribution in Indonesian FMCG Market 04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global IT services sector04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
MSME Digital Financing Experts in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of physician practice management platforms in India 04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Publishing Industry in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Two Wheeler Segment04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Market in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Healthcare Industry in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Pharma Industry in India04/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Medical Equipment Industry in India 04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Manufacturing Process of Garments04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Durable Segment04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Personal Loans space in India04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global casual mobile gaming industry 04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Healthcare Outsourcing Market04/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Global Cash & Carry Landscape04/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding non broadcast revenue streams in sports segment globally 04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ecommerce Logistics in India04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the FMCG Industry in India04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Communications Equipment Manufacturing Space in India04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Low/ No Code Enterprise Application04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Wholesale and food Retail Segment in India04/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ecommerce Sector in India04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Electric Passenger Vehicles market in India04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Financial Services Industry04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retirement benefits management platforms in Indian public sector banks 04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Global RTC business 04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Rolling Stock industry in India04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in furniture manufacturing space04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Pharma Parenterals / Injectables Space04/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating value chain for Cryto currency payments04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Four Wheel Sector in South East Asia 04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating B2B Insurance brokerage market in France04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Micro fulfillment centers in Indian logistics sector04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of fresh wet market in Thailand04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Steel & Iron Ore Industry04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IOT Sector in India04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
HR Policies in Shared Services Center04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Data Center Market in KSA04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Vaccine Market in India04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cyber Security Space in India04/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study of Shrimp Sector of India 04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Baby care market in India 04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Private label Sector of India 04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Eyewear Market of Singapore 04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Big Data and Data Engineering services04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in OTT Space in India04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Real Estate Sector of India 04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in outbound contact centers in Indian Banking Sector04/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Construction Chemicals Industry in India04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the ODM Supplier Landscape in India & Globally04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Ammonia production and Renewable Energy space04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Re-skilling Elder employees04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Short Video Maker Apps Space in India04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Mattress Market in India04/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Customer Loyalty Programs in India04/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding B2B Platforms in India04/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pipes Space in India04/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the solar and wind energy projects space04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Insurance Industry in India04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Space in India04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Health Insurance Segment in India04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding monetization of app store in India04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Insurance Industry in India04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from Food delivery platforms04/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Petrochemicals Industry in Taiwan04/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Online Health Consultation Platforms04/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding KRAs for Collections Vertical within Banking/NBFC Space04/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Outsourced AI Analytics space in India04/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Building Materials Industry In India04/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of poultry business in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian Power generation & transmission Sector04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Air Cargo Business in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Health insurance market in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Auto Insurance market in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Advertising & Consumer Marketing04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services Segment in Europe04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of quality assurance of Indian railways services 04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Industry in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Field Service Mobile Apps Space in India04/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian & Global Market for Batteries04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Rural Banking Space in India04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding key market trends in global BPO industry04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of palm oil & biodiesel market in SEA04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Grocery Retail Chains in India04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Content Aggregation platforms in India04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Payer Market in India04/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cryptocurrency Market in India04/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Pharma API Formulations Industry in India04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retail forex market in India04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape of Biscuits & Snacks Category in India04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Vaccine and Injectable Market in US04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Technology segment04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fintech Industry in India04/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating entertainment cineplexes in India04/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Hygiene products market in India and SE Asia04/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Diagnostics space in India04/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Electric Tractors Industry04/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Petrochemical Industry in Asia04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Market Landscape of In-vitro Diagnostics Space04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Jewellery Space in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Covid Situation in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of Covid-19 on the Indian Economy04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding digital TV infrastructure restacking globally 04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Water Purifier Market in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ready to Eat Foods Market in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Group Loan (rural microfinancing) space in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Fleet Management Solutions Market for Electric Vehicles in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Flour Market in India04/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating wealth segment in Banking industry in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Mutual Funds Regulation Space in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Pharma Industry04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global IT Services Industry04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Industrial Gases and Airways Industry04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding digital transformation in power plants 04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Glass Packaging Space in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Affordable Housing Finance Segment in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Watch Industry in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
News Aggregation Space in India 04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Steel Industry04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Housing Finance Segment in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating kitchenware and Paints industry in India04/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Frozen Food Market in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Oil & Gas Sector in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Zero Carbon Strategies for Companies in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of lighting & fans manufacturing industry in India 04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Industrial Oxygen Market in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Education Space in India & USA04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Regulations in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding 2 Wheeler Logistics Space in India04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Global Cake Pre Mix Market04/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Sector in India 04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-commerce Logistics Industry in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in cross-sell of credit cards04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Healthcare Segment in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding value chain in auto and cement industry in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Latin American Cement Market04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating US Banking trends on adoption of SFDC04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian & Global Animal Welfare Market04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Auto Financing space in South India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding pigment industry in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Legal functions in Indian Banking Space04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding POS (point of sale) business of key Indian banks 04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding MMCF fibres consumption in textiles industry04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Workshops in 4 wheeler automotive space in India04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating scope for biodegradable plastic bags in Indian & Global readymade garments market04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Aerospace Industry04/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Corporate scale advantage of leading O&G companies03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian and global experts in vocational education03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Energy drink and Energy shot market in South-East Asia03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Blast Furnace digitalization in Indian & Global Steel Industry03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Best Practices of Indian pharma manufacturers in the US pharma market03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of tiling & flooring products market in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding used car space in US03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Coking Coal procurement in Indian & Global Steel Industry03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of furniture manufacturing industry in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of furniture and semi-furnished goods industry in India & globally 03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding copper smelting plant shutdown benchmarks globally 03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Indian Footwear Experts03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating unsecured loans space in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
DX Air Conditioners (VRF) Market in South East Asia03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating PEM Electrolyzers Industry03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Beer Industry03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
NeoBanking Space in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Robotic Process Automation & Digital transformation space03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Social Commerce Space03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Beauty and Personal Care Market in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Current Account journey in Banking space03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Grocery retail market in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Tubeless TBR (Truck Bus radial) tyre market in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Food Delivery Platforms in Southeast Asian Markets03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
EV Battery Swapping Market in India03/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
B2B Silk Business in India03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Refractory Space in India03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian Hair Oil Industry03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Employee Transport facilities for Corporates03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
US Generics Space03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Telecom Industry in India03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Retail Segment in India03/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Mines and Minerals Industry in India03/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating DSA / DST channel management for Home Loans space in India03/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian two wheeler financing industry03/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Customer Service domain in various industries03/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Segment in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Vendors Segment in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Facility Management within Banking Industry03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Market in UAE03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics and Transportation Sector in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding food delivery business in railways03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Equipment Manufacturers in the Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals Spaces03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ceramic Tiles Market in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Paint Industry in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Automative OEM Subscription03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Shrimp Feed Distributors in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Seeds Industry in India03/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Macro-economic Outlook & Digital Banking Space in Vietnam03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
ADAS Technology in the Indian Automotive Market 03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
LPG Market in the Philippines03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
RTD Cocktail Mixes Industry in India03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
GST Apps segment in India03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Car-hailing Industry in Southeast Asia03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Digital Wallet Space in Southeast Asia03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Meat, Poultry & Seafood Market in India 03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in MTech and Payments space in India03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Temporary Staffing in the Indian Telecom Sector03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of stationery & writing instruments market in India 03/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Casting Materials Manufacturing Space in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Space in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Financial Technology Space in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Diagnostics Space in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating product engineering space03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Shipping and Logistics in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding org structure for bearing manufacturing companies in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Animal Feed Market in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Lubricants Industry03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Air Conditioner Industry in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating automotive sector in Middle East region03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
City Gas Distribution Market in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ethnic Food Industry in India03/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Process Intelligence Platforms03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SOP simplification in Generics pharmaco industry 03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Compressed Biogas Market in India03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the NBFC Sector in India03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Segment in India03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Credit Card Segment in India03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Industrial Fuel Consumption in the Philippines03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of FRP Composites Market03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Snacks Market in India03/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Full Truckload & Part Truckload Logistic Business in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Women & Child Care Healthcare in Bangalore and Gurgaon Region03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Auto Components Manufacturing Space in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
SaaS HR Service Delivery Space in the US & EU03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Technology Space in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Agriculture Finance Space in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking & Financial Services Industry in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Automation Segment in India03/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Tire industry in US03/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Health-Tech Space in India03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Micro Finance Space in India03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Injectables Market in US03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
API Space in India03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Isoamylene and Tertiary Amyl Alcohol (TAA) market in China, India, Europe and USA03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in QSR industry in India03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the SaaS Landscape 03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Glass-lining Equipment Industry03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Textiles Industry03/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Health-Tech Space in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Investment Promotion agencies of various leading states and cities03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Video detailing in Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the customer behavior for the pickup segment of commercial vehicles in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global aluminum & zinc mining industry 03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Cooling Systems in Electric Vehicles03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Energy Management in Steel Industry03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding digital & automation initiatives in large infrastructure projects03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Packaged Foods Market in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmacy and Online Retail Sector in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of school uniform manufacturing space in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemical / Fertilisers Distributors in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Hotel Aggregator Space in India03/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Procurement Vertical within Indian Hospitals03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Technology Vertical within Banking Industry in Europe03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Indian Housing Finance Industry03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Silver Market03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Flexible packaging space03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Alcohol Industry in India03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the GCC/SSC Indsutry in India03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the contract manufacturing scenario in India03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts with expertise in power plant performance improvement03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Former CIOs/ CTOs/ CDOs in multifarious industries03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Banking space in US03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Senior IT professionals from multifarious industries03/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Commercial HVAC Market in Malaysia03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Corporate & SME Branch Banking in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Auto Component Manufacturing Space in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Space in South East Asia03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Wealth Management Space in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of vitamins & dietary supplements market globally 03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of SME Banking in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of optical fiber network leasing business in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian IT Services Industry03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Kitchen Appliances Industry03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Metal Formed Products Market in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding rural & semi-urban areas distribution model in consumer goods space03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
European Orthodontics Market03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
B2B Organic Food Landscape in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Asset Recovery Services in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
MDF Industry in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pipes Segment in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hypermarket Space in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services Segment in India03/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SME Digital Banking/Mobile Banking Space in India03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding APIs in Pharmacos03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Audio Market in India03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Packaging Function in the Indian Pharma Industry03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding trends in Logistics Industry in India03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Payment gateway segment in India03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Fintech Industry in India03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding contact center agent assist solutions market globally 03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Petrochemicals Industry03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of climate & environment governance models globally 03/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding global crop protection market03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Two Wheeler Financing Space in India03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Challenges Expected in Privatization of Public Banks03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Credit Underwriting Process for Loans to Mid/Large Corporates03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
3PL Logistics Business in India03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Rail vehicle equipment sourcing 03/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding FMCG Industry in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on High Speed Rail Construction Space Globally03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Ed-Tech Space in India & the US03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Credit Rating Space in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Surgical Consumables Market in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Fluorochemicals Industry03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Spices Segment in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Market in Mumbai03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Wires & Cables Market in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Education Financing & Advisory Market in India03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of IT Services Space03/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global IT Outsourcing Services Industry03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Hotels and Hospitality Industry In India03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in multifarious industries03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indonesian Cosmetic & Skincare Industry 03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Consultancies03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Business & Technology Segment03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of state industrial clusters & corridors development in India 03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Frozen Products03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Apparel Retail Industry in India03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism Regulations in Thailand and Indonesia03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Biodiesel Market in India03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Data Center Market in Philippines03/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the ports & shipping sector03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating consumer electronics space in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation Industry03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Retail Banking Space in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Procurement Trends in QSR Industry03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Kids Apparel Industry in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Apparel Retail Industry in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding eB2B Market in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemical Space in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Delivery Space in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Central Venous Access Device Market in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Contract Manufacturing in FMCG sector in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Water and Wastewater Treatment R&D Space03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Underwriting & Risk Management in the Indian Banking Space03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
DSA Industry in India03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global CDMO Market03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian Noodles Market03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Housing Finance Industry03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in European Telecom Industry03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Digitization in the Indian Financial Services Industry03/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in QSR Market in India03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of switchgear manufacturing industry globally 03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Procurement Trends in Consumer Goods and Electrical Appliances Industry03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Collection Space in India03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Food Delivery Aggregator Business in India03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Economic Conditions in India03/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating growth of SaaS startups03/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Dermatology and Genecology Space03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Agri Commodity Exchange03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in digitization in the Iron Making space03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Return to Work approaches in Indian Corporate Sector03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Integrated Cloud implementation in upstream Oil & Gas sector03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Liquid Transportation in Indonesia03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Paper Industry03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Zinc consumption trends in Indian Steel Industry03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Electricals & Electronic products market03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Organic Foods Market03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in iron ore mining space03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating power purchase cost optimization levers03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of suppliers market landscape in O&G procurement space 03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics Industry in India03/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Wealth Management Industry03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding OTT Market in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Injectables Market in US03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of flexible packaging industry in Indonesia03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of security services at manufacturing & industrial set-ups in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-Learning Market in the US03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on Account statement redesign in Banking space in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of online payment gateway & merchant solutions space in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Gaming Industry In India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in 2W Auto Component Industry03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in RUTF Industry in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Industry in the Africa Region03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Micro-Finance Sector in Assam03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Spinning Industry 03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Housing Finance Industry in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
DTH Industry in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Chemical Industry in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of the BFSI Workflow Management Software Market03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electronics Manufacturing Services Space in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pallets Market in India03/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Two Wheeler Automotive Space in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Healthcare BPO service provider space 03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Glass Manufacturing Industry in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of DCDA Market 03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding credit card market landscape in India 03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of FMCG POS Software03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating retail industry in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Air-Conditioners Space In India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Post Moratorium overview of NCLT Workflow03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Industry in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics Sector in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pet Care Space for India 03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital and New Age Businesses in India03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of BPO Space in Canada03/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Tech Deal Pricing Architecture Space03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Research and Analytics Space in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
CRAMS Space in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Chemical Industry in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Animal Welfare Sector in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Insurance Industry in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of medical device industry globally 03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding supply chain distribution benchmarks in FMCG industry globally03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agriculture Segment in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in herbal/ ayurvedic personal care space in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding market dynamics of steel industry in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Corporate Payment Processes within Banking Industry03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the Home automation and Smart Cities Industry in India03/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating BPO industry in India03/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of e-commerce furniture market in India03/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Coffee Processing Market03/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of power industry in India 03/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Industry in India03/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Fintech Industry in India02/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding GCC Healthcare Landscape02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Talent Development Global Best Practices02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Digital and Savings Products offered by Indian Banks02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Distribution Management System in FMCD Industry02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of footwear industry in China & Vietnam02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Compliance Requirements in Wealth Management Industry02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmaceutical Distribution Space in India02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Casting Simulation Software Space in India02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Global Elderly Care Services Industry02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Retail Industry in India & USA02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in electronics manufacturing value chain in ASEAN02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
OTA Industry in India02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Rail Transportation Operations Segment in India02/26/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Live Grill Restaurant Space in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Renewable Energy Space in the Philippines02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Water treatment and desalination Industry02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
IT Outsourcing Services Industry in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Soya Protein industry in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Construction Equipment Export Industry02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding 3PL Logistics business in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hospital Chains & Cancer Specialty Centers in France and Spain02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Wind Turbine Spare parts Market in Europe & Asia02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
LED lighting space in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics Software Market in India and the US02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
ECG Equipment Market in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Face Cream Market in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of project management in large infra projects in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Laminates Industry02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Chinese & Japanese Construction Sector02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in security architecture designing space02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Indian & Global technical textiles industry02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Indian & Global Aramid Market02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT architecture of Indian Insurance Players02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in finance departments of leading Indian banks02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cambodian Agricultural Sector02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in mid-tier product engineering services space02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding market landscape of sustainable aviation fuel globally 02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Poultry Industry in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Water Treatment Space in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Emerging Alternatives to Carbon Black for Tyre Manufacturing02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding key success factors of g2m strategy in petro chemical industry 02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global IT Services Industry02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Three Wheeler market in India02/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of shrimp feed manufacturing industry in Vietnam 02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Lubricant and Petrochemical Market in India02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Open Banking Solutions in Credit Bureau Space02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding key trends in fuels & lubricants market globally02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating digital and analytics offerings for airlines companies02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Packaging Procurement Space in India02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking SME Business in Indian Banking Space02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Construction Chemicals/ Admixtures Market in India02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of E2W design & development globally 02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Hybrid Operating Model within IT Services Industry02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Fleet Management 02/24/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding unit economics of ride-hailing industry in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Technical Textiles Industry in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-Wallet and Fintech Space in Malaysia02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Inverter Market in Agra Region02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Product Liability & Product Recall Insurance in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Marketing Spend Trends in the Indian Pharma Space02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Two Wheeler Manufacturing Space in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape for Lighting and Switchgear Portfolio in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in the SCM and Insurance BPO Space02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Enterprise Telecom Market in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating electric consumer industry in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating stationery products market in Sri Lankan supermarkets 02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Industrial Valves Market in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Pet Food Manufacturing Market in USA02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Windows and Doors Market in USA02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Commercial Real Estate Industry in India02/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Home Diesel Generator Market in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Television Manufacturing Industry in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Men’s Casual Wear market in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Biosimilar Landscape02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding pod/studio construct02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Asset (Loan) Centres within Financial Services Space02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Oil & Gas industry in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of cloud contact center solutions in India 02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Snacks Market in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Gases Sector in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of traffic control & management systems globally 02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Industrial Motors Segment in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Retail Banking and Private Banking segments of Global banks in India and UAE markets02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Aluminum Forging Industry in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on B2B Enterprise Solution02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automation Segment in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Middle Eastern Tyre industry 02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of European cable & wire industry02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking of loan journeys for four wheeler & two wheeler loans in India02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Personal Care Category of leading E-Commerce Platforms02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Wall Painting Robotics Space 02/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Applications of Remote Sensing in Agriculture02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding insurance products distribution in retail networks02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Animal Health Products Market in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Beer Industry in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of asset management capabilities in Australian telecom sector 02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Chemical Manufacturing Industry in China02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Air Conditioners Market in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Remote Surveillance Industry in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Alkaline Electrolyzer Industry in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
A2P Messaging space in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Automotive and Industrial Battery Segment02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Draft Beer Segment in India02/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding role of digital interventions in construction sector 02/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of malted food drinks business in India02/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cement Industry in India02/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Contact Lens & Eyewear Market in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
FRAs in the Indian Insurance Space02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Alcoholic Beverages Industry in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Women’s Ethnic Wear Market in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
B2B Ecommerce Industry in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
OTT Market in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding MRO Procurement Process for Enterprises & SMEs02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Refrigeration Industry in India.02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
CV Finance Space in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
News Aggregators Segment in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
B2B Online Space in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of power finance space in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Auto Components Manufacturing Market in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Credit Card Market in India02/17/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating shipping and ports industry02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Grain Distillery Market in UP02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
API Banking Segment in India02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Agriculture Export Regulations in Europe02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Product Recalls and Reverse Logistics in India02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Digital Banking/Digital Lending space02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Oil Storage and Refinery Market in UAE02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on HR Outsourcing SLAs and metrics02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of various loan offerings in Indian Banks & NBFCs 02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Glass Lining Equipment Industry02/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding methanol plant economics in India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Canadian IT Services Sector02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in US health systems and health insurance market02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking the Indian & Global Upstream Oil & Gas Market02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Sri Lankan Cement Market02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Deodorants Market in Bangladesh, Middle East & Pakistan02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Merchant Payments & Corporate Internet Banking Space02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Beauty & Personal Care products Market02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding HVAC requirements for 5G Telecom Infrastructure in the UK02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of State Power Discoms in India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Sector in India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Inverter and Inverter Battery Market in India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of gastroenterology products market in India & globally02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Medical Device Industry in India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
EPC Transmission In India02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Fertility Treatments in the US02/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Commercial models for IT outsourcing02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Retail Steel Market in India02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Sector in India02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Power Transmission Procurement in India02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Best practices in working capital optimization in various industries02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating mergers and acquisitions in Indian Financial Services Sector02/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of tea packaging services in India02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding current state of marketing across Insurance Industry02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Stock Broking Market in India02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Commercial Vehicle Tyre Industry 02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global API Sourcing Market 02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma R&D Space in India02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global skin care Industry02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating 2 Wheeler space in India 02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Supply Chain Experts in Packaged Foods/Agri-Business space02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of solar cell & module manufacturing space in India02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Bearings Market in India02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Steel Industry02/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in inventory optimization across various segments in Pharma Industry02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Heavy Commercial Vehicles Market in South Africa02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Beauty and Personal Care Market in India02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Smartphones industry in India02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from multifarious industries02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retail forex market in India02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hospital Procurement Space in India02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
MSME and Trade product experts in South Indian market02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of oilfield services market in Gulf, Middle East & Africa02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Data/Analytics/Artificial Intelligence Space02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Finance Market in Bangladesh02/10/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Pharma Industry02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Meat and Poultry Market in Egypt02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Private Electricity Distribution Utilities in India02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of core functions at capital market infrastructure institutions 02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Electrical Automation Space02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wellness industry in India 02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
EPC Procurement Market in India02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Express Logistics Space in India02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Steel Industry02/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of oil & gas engineering services market globally 02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Banking and NBFC sector.02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in PVC manufacturing space in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Senior experts from global innovation centres in India.02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Facility Management Services in MENA02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency Regulations in India 02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Personal-Care products market in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in TMT Steel bars in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding biodiesel outlook in Indonesia02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Laboratory Information Management Systems in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian Ready-Mix Concrete Market02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Express Logistics Space in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Food Delivery Market and Cloud Kitchen Industry in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Laboratory Information Management Systems in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Supply Chain Management Software02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of lighting industry in India 02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Telecom Space in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Grocery Space in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Life Insurance Space in India02/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding deo category market size in modern trade segment 02/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating automotive sector in Middle East region02/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of MSME Landscape in India02/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global electric 2W market 02/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of UPI payments landscape in India02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding usage of hydraulic pumps for cement based paste pumping02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating NBFC sector in India02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Sales and Marketing experts from multifarious industries in India02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Fertilizer Business02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Malaysian Digital/Online Banking Journey02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Used car Loans Space in India02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wires & cables manufacturing industry in India02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian Skin-Care Market02/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating corporate banking space02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding CPG Distribution Landscape in Brazil and Philippines02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of innerwear & apparel manufacturing industry02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding reverse auction benchmarks in metals & mining industry02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global Automotive Powertrain Systems Market02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
India Luxury Car Market02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Steel Market in India02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
QSR Industry in India02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Sri Lankan & South-East Asian Retail market02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of cybersecurity market in SEA02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts for SLAs/KPIs Benchmarking02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of sustainability ratings & supplier review market globally02/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indonesia Biodiesel Market02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in Chemical Industry02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Online Used Car Marketplace in India02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Aviation Industry in Indonesia02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Impact of IoT in Industrial Automation02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding organisation design in industrial engineering space02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Sri Lankan & South East Asian Healthcare Market02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian IT Services Industry02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Content Strategy/Content Management in Indian Financial Services Sector02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the German BPO market02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global IT Services Sector02/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in technology in financial services space02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of insurance industry in India 02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of tyre manufacturing industry in India 02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of data center market in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Electricals Market in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Rooftop Solar Market02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Antiretroviral API Space in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of modern trades F&B segment in FMCG companies02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
SaaS Platforms in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Beverage Co-Packing Industry in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Plant Security Operations and Digitalization in Industrial Goods Space 02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating digital transformation journey in Indian & Global Banking Space02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of white cement and wall putty market in Saudi Arabia & Africa02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking best practices for administering ex-factory excise taxes02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in production planning and inventory management in MDF and plywood manufacturing segment02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
3D Printing Services Industry in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Animation and VFX Space in India02/02/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Organic Food & Sustainable Farming in India02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating fire powerplants in South-East Asian Steel/Chemical/Cement/Pulp & Paper industries02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Construction Chemicals Segment in India02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Consumer Durable Finance Segment in India02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Space in India02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of energy projects funding in India02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Food & Beverage Industry(SE Asia)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Entertainment Sector (India)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Automotive Industry (Middle East)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Healthcare Sector (India)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Specialty Chemicals Industry (India)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Healthcare Sector (India)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Cold Chain Logistics (India)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Board of Director Position - Retail Sector (Thailand)02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating raw material handling system in steel plants02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in global satellite communication services 02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating electric two wheeler space02/01/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Resource Management within IT Services Space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating marketing trends in IT services space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Surveillance Technology for Retail Outlets01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in E-commerce space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Financial Services Industry in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in office supplies space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of organization structure in Financial Services Industry01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of content management framework globally 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of pharma regulatory functions globally 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in pharma Manufacturing to evaluate Make vs Buy01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating specialty chemicals industry in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in investment or securities division in banking sector in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of health insurance industry in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding talent availability for Finance - indirect tax roles in KL01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding agriculture warehouse receipt financing 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding organizational structure of global companies 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating banking sector in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of e-commerce industry 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Automation within Content Moderation 01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of LAP Product within Financial Services Space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in chemical industry01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global trends in Insurance tech space01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating financial services industry in India01/31/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in sales incentive in IT service industry01/30/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian & Global Plastic Packaging Space01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in retail readymade garments market in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of ingredients sourcing in personal care space 01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hardware & Digital Solutions Integration Space 01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding blue-collar job market in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Retail Banking Space In India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Home Textile Market in the US01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Laminates Market in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Probiotics Market01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of solar power business in India 01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of farm equipment rental market in India 01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Safes and Locker Industry in the Middle East01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding sales incentive policy in private banks & NBFCs 01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Employee Productivity Software Market01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trends in global media planning market01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Sector in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding automotive cost reduction practices01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in BLDC Motors Industry in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating AFBC (Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion) type Captive coal-based Thermal Power Plants in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding advertising landscape in Food Delivery Space01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global IT Services Space01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Flexible Packaging Space in India01/29/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Cross Sell of Added Products within Financial Services Space01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of defence Industry in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating recruitments globally in IT Industry01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of E-commerce Channel for Electrical Products01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Productivity Benchmarks for Direct Sales Force within Life Insurance Industry01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Industry in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Mechanical/Engineering Space in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of smart agritech practices in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
HR Agencies Segment in Europe01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Home Energy Solutions Market in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Robotic Process Automation Space in the US & UK01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
K-12 Book Publishing Market in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Commercial Space Technology Market in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of supply chain network in consumer durables industry01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis Market in India01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global API Market01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Alternative Legal Services 01/28/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understand latest trends in Indian freight forwarding industry01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Retail Asset Operations within Banking Industry01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian Consumer Electricals Market01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of rubber industry in India01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of home electrical appliances business in India01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding digital outcomes & centralization across real estate segment globally 01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of real estate & construction space in Malaysia01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of open-source container orchestration platforms space01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Enzymes Industry in India01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the auto or textile & apparel industry in Myanmar01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Energy Services Market in India01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Hotel Aggregators Market in India01/27/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Kitchen Appliances Industry01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of direct bank transfer schemes in India01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Business in Commercial Vehicle Segment01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating B2B opportunities in two wheelers market in India01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Boiler market in India01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of managed services outsourcing globally 01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Indian Agri-Chemicals Sector01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Data Centre Market in India01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in radiation detection and measurement instrument space in India01/25/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Small Home & Kitchen Appliances Industry in India01/23/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Fixed Income Securities Market in India 01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Music Publishing and Broadcasting Industry01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Housing Finance Industry in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
5G Readiness in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Bags & Luggage market in Indonesia01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Luggage Market 01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Global EV Bearing Market01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating resource estimation model in Indian & Global Automotive Industry01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding partnerships of telcos & hyperscalers for providing cloud offerings01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Warehousing Segment in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
News Aggregators Segment in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Wealth Management Market in Kuwait01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electronics Manufacturing Services Space in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Diagnostics Space in India01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Workplace Services Space in Europe01/22/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of raw material supply landscape in EV cell manufacturing space 01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Retail Industry in India01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating digital media space01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Tyre Market in India01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in International Med-Tech Market01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding PR guideline benchmarks of FMCG companies in Thailand01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Plastic recycling and Waste to Energy Industry01/21/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape of Buy Now Pay Later Products 01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemical Space in India01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Automotive Battery Industry in India.01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Appliances Market in India01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Retail Sales function In Indian Private Banking Space 01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Background Verification Industry in India01/20/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Food Processing and Pharma Production Set-up Space in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Market Study for Banks in UK and Ireland01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of chlor alkali manufacturing space in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Renewable Energy Space in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Technology Industry in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Ad-Tech Space in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating supermarkets space in India01/19/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Logistics Industry in Saudi Arabia01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Electronics Contract Manufacturing Space in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Oil & Gas Industry in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Housing Market in Thailand01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Poultry Feed Supplements Industry01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality market space in Malaysia01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of procurement functions in Steel & Cement Industry01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating predictive maintenance activities in European Steel Industry01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Industry in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Sanitary Napkins & Diapers Space01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Affordable Housing Finance Segment in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
CV Finance Segment in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
DTH Platforms in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
E-Mobility Space in India01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating multifarious functions in the Banking industry01/18/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Garments & Apparel Industry in India01/16/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of COVID-19 on the E-Grocery Market in India01/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in grocery retail space01/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the E-GRC Market in India01/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Global Cement Industry01/15/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Heavy Equipment Service Management Models in North America01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Supply chain experts with import & export expertise01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating best practices in serving Ultra High Net Worth clients in Asian Financial Services Sector01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating market landscape of bearings industry01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemical Market in India01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Facility Management Market in India, China & US01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating logistics arms of e-commerce players 01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Manufacturing Operations for Oleochemicals01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating marketing spend across autopart companies in US01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of E2E used vehicle & parts wholesaling e-commerce platforms globally 01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global market landscape of specialty chemicals01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating US Generics market01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding E-commerce Express Shipments Space in India01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Regulations in the Indian Wealth Management Industry01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding fertilizer plant operations & process improvement levers 01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Synthetic Yarn and Textiles Industry01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of engineering & new product development in commercial vehicles segment 01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Education Financing Space in India01/14/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retail segment in electrical switches industry 01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding GAP Certification in Vietnam & Thailand01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of green climate funding in India01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian & Global Textiles Industry01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Trends in Indian NBFC Space01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate and EPC Solutions Industry in India01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Farm to Fork Logistics industry in India01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating cloud management space 01/13/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Global biopharma experts for bio-betters01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Global Wastewater Treatment Space01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Digital NRI acquisitions in the brokerage space 01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding org structure for bearing manufacturing companies in India01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding adhesives and sealants manufacturing process01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Stock Brokerage Industry in Indonesia01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating metals and mining industry in India01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Engineering R&D Industry in India01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of wet wipes manufacturing industry in India01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Capital Equipment Industry in India01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Principles of Source to Contract (S2C) procurement outsourcing in Indian & Global IT Services Sector01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of retail segment in steel & paints industry 01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating BPO operations of leading global companies01/12/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Premium Beauty and Personal Care Space in India01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Denim Market in India01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Offline Travel Market in India01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian IT Captive Market Landscape01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Housing Finance Space01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Ad-Sales within Print Media Space01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of ecommerce market in India 01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of accounting & revenue recognition in consumer durables space01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Furniture & Furnishings Market in India01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Best Practices for Customer Activation in Brokerage Industry01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating healthcare industry01/11/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Collections in Indian Banking & NBFCs 01/09/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Distance Learning Market in India01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Video Sharing Platforms Market01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Space in Malaysia01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding address change process at the Banks 01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding copper metallurgy & continuous copper casting process 01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating logistics functions in the Malaysian Telco industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating digitization of procurement functions in Global Mining Industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of water pumps market in India01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the water management software market01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Electronics Industry in India01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Global Engineering Services-Outsourcing Space01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Principles of Digital Sales Transformation in Indian FMCG & Alco-Bev Industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Petrochemicals Industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of cement & ready mix concrete business in India01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Indian pharma & health-tech industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of IT function across Multifarious Industries01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Deodorants Industry in the GCC Region01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Injectables Market in US01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understand Cold Chain Industry Stimulated by Vaccines01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Capital goods industry01/08/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of banking industry01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global pigments market01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Aluminium Alloy Wheel Market in India01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Higher Education Space in India01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding European & North American IT Outsourcing Industry 01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the granular value-chain of the rail industry 01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
K12 after-school tutoring Market in Southeast Asia01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Air Cargo Industry in Vietnam01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in tyre manufacturing space in India01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of finance & accounts process outsourcing in plastic manufacturing industry01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global e-commerce ecosystem for batteries01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Advisory Solutions in BPO Space01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Technology and Software Segment in India01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of EV battery manufacturing space in China01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Indian Banking Industry01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of complex fertilizer business in India & globally01/07/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Marketing Automation01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Buy Now Pay Later Programs in India01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Best Practices to Mitigate Risks within Agri-Finance Space01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Manufacturing experts in Pharmaceuticals industry01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of NPD org structure in pesticides manufacturing space01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Automotive Industry in Bangladesh01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Data Centers, Carrier Hotels & Internet Exchange Space01/06/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating adhesives Industry in India01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding KPIs for Customer Experience Function within Banking Industry01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding procurement & capex investment in lighting plants01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Kids and Maternity Market in India01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Space in India01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Commercial Project Management in Engineering Products Industry01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Pigment Segment in India 01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding gypsum scale formation in pipelines01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding project planning & monitoring in rail infra projects 01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of key digital trends in legal & regulatory data aggregation business globally 01/05/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of banking & mortgage BPO market in the US01/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Express Logistics Space in India01/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Warehouse Receipt Financing in India01/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Fasteners Industry in India01/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the evolving Cancer Treatments01/04/2021DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Clearing and Settlement agencies in India01/03/2021DetailsApplyRefer
UK urban logistics and ecommerce fulfilment from retailers, delivery services, 3PL12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding EV- Components Market in India12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Textile and Apparel Export Industry12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Menthol Market in India12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
A study on the Indian Deodorant Market Space12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Enzymes Market12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Compressed Biogas Market in India12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Automotive Bearing Market12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Solar Glass Industry in India12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating pulses industry12/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Car Paint Coating Market in the Philippines12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Flood Monitoring & Damage Assessment Solutions Space12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Inverter Battery Manufacturing Space in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Veterinary Medicines Distribution Space in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Auto Ancillary Industry in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Pharmaceutical Space in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Logistics functions in multifarious industries12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Lithium Ion and Lead Acid Battery Space in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding trends in the Solar Cell Market in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Treasury functions and operations in Indian Banking and Insurance Space12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
HealthTech Space in India12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Exploration/Production within Oil & Gas Industry12/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from Power Transmission with experience in Manufacturing Sector12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding yarn knitting processes in innerwear manufacturing space12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Technical Customer Support Operations within Video Network/Security Space12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Segment in India 12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Analyzing the Global Insurance BPO space 12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Automation industry experts in Middle East12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian Wall Putty and White Cement Market12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Treasury functions in Indian Banking Space12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Entry Strategies of leading companies in multifarious industries12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global API Space12/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Premium Cosmetic Space12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Industry in India12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Solar Glass and Solar Modules Industry in India12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Policy Formulation within Electric Utility Space12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape of Medical Imaging Industry12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cement Industry in Andhra Pradesh12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Market Landscape of Foundry Grade Coke in India12/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT functions in multifarious industries12/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Looking for Experts from Vocational training segment 12/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding healthcare industry12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding brokerage division at banks12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding cloud migration in Oil & Gas Industry12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating partnership between banks and broking companies in India12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Grocery Space in India12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from Indian Wall Putty Market12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Facility Management within Construction Industry in Oman/Middle East12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Rubber Glove Manufacturing Market in Malaysia12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Coal Usage in the Indian Cement Industry12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Market in India & US12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Landscape of Pharma Industry in Australia12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian Online Learning Platforms Space12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SAP Managed Service Space in the Middle East & South East Asia12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digitalisation in Cement Plants12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Retail Financing Space in India12/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Enterprise Business in the Indian Telecom Space12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Motor Vehicle Insurance Space in India12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Training Needs in the Electronics Industry12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Insurance Actuary space in India12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Logistics Industry in India12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the South East Asian Cement Market12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Expertise in power plant optimization 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Design Innovation within Rug Manufacturing Space12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT Services industry 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating O&G industry 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Efficiency improvement in container glass industry 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Pharmaceuticals industry in the USA12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding semiconductor fab industry12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Design Optimization & Quality Assessment for WPP Bags12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding manufacturing landscape of AC component factories in China & Thailand12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in trade finance operations12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Digital advertising tools dashboards12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Fundamentals of Vehicle Financing Market in India12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts for Personal Loans Balance Transfer journey12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts with experience in executing civil infrastructure projects 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Edtech Industry in India 12/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the laboratory diagnostics space in India12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of EV/ EV Battery manufacturers Space12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Food Delivery Space12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Digital Platforms in South-East Asia12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating compressed biogas plants in India12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating holding company organization structure for Indian banks12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Bearings Industry in India12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Digital Printing Industry12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Operations & Maintenance activities in Thermal Power Plants12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of digital platform and process solution services market in India12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from Chocolates and Confectionary Market12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of HIV Diagnostics (Testing) Market in India12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Sales and Organizational Planning in Indian Steel Industry12/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the QSR Space in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Challenges Faced for Cloud Migration in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
OTA Space in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Insurance Industry in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Covid-19 Vaccine Landscape in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Clutch Market in MHCV Segment12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Procurement experts from cables and wires companies12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Snacks Market in India12/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Viability Gap Funding disbursement in public-private partnerships in India12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Edible oils & Hair Oils categories in Indian FMCG Industry12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian Pharmacovigilance Space12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Multi-Retail Industry12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Tobacco Market in Bangladesh12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Electricity Retail Industry 12/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Mental Health Market12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cross-Selling functions in Indian NBFCs space12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Fintech Space in South East Asia12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Electric 2 Wheeler Market in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Private Equities landscape in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
CNC Machine Manufacturing Space in India. 12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating EV charging infra space in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating outbound call center functions in Indian Banking Industry12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding 4W Auto Components Industry in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Animal Health Industry in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services Space in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Healthcare space in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Meal & Cooking Accompaniments Sector in India12/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms.12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Banking Industry12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Logistics functions in plyboard or laminates and industrial goods industry12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Digital Solutions Offered by BPO Providers12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Logistics Space in India12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
English Language Training and Test Prep market in Vietnam12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating steel industry in India12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Online Education Space in India12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Clinical Trial Services in Pharmaceuticals Industry12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Account Aggregator Ecosystem in India12/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian plywood industry and power sector12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating coal procurement functions in Global Steel Industry12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Life Insurance industry in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the US Healthcare Market12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of 2 Wheeler Market in South East Asia12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in Indian Industrial Goods Sector12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating various molecules in the Pharma Industry12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Online Education Space in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Heavy Commercial Vehicle Financing Space in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Credit Cards Market12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of IT Services Industry12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Collections Segment in Banking Industry12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Bottling Industry in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services Industry in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Supply Chain experts from CPG industry in India12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Sterile Injectables Market in US12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on India Genomics market12/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of R&D, Sales & Engineering functions in Indian IT Industry12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Steel Industry12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SME Loan Sanctioning process in Indian Banking Industry12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Fuel Mix Planning and Sourcing in Indian Cement Plants 12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding labor laws/codes in various sectors in India12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Procurement and R&D functions in Wall Putty or Tile adhesives space in India12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Pharma Logistics Space in India12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Cyber Security practices in Indian Insurance Industry12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Appliances E-commerce Market in India12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Banking & Financial Services Industry in India12/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape & Manufacturing Operations of BOPP/BOPET Films12/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
2G Ethanol Space in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating education sector in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Beverages Industry in Bangladesh12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Enterprise Recruitment in USA12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Digital/ Performance Marketing Industry12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
DevOps Segment in Banking and Healthcare Sector12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Air Conditioning Industry in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Home Appliances Market in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Industry in Bangladesh12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Used Car Market in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Retail Pharmacy Chains in India12/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Warehouse/Distribution functions in Luxury Retail Space12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating APIs of various molecules in the Pharma Industry12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Oil & Gas Trading in SEA & Globally12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of reticle storage and inspection in the semiconductor industry12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding mobile based payment solution.12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding technology and IT functions in Indian Banks12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian banking and finance sector12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating power consumption optimization in plastic manufacturing space12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape of Graded Steel Plates.12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating various functions in Indian Alcohol Industry12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of dry ports and freight forwarding space12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Retail Banking segment in Indian Banks12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Water Management Techniques in Agriculture Sector12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of agri infra investment loans by business correspondent companies in India12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Product Engineering domain12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Shipbreaking and Shipbuilding sector in Bangladesh12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of steelmaking through EAF technology12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Used Car Loan Business in India12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of merchant acquiring business & payment gateways space in India 12/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding competitive market landscape across multifarious industries.12/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Sports OTT Space in India12/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Women Healthcare & Critical Care Portfolio within Pharmaceutical Industry12/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of semiconductor manufacturing equipment system globally12/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Kid’s Retail Market in the UAE12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Healthcare Facilities in Ranchi12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding IT integration for fixed mobile convergence of telecom players12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding executive compensation benchmarking in advisory firms 12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Digital Marketing functions and structure in Indian Banks12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of rotary packers operation in cement manufacturing plants12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of institutional investments in Indian transportation infrastructure sector 12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Powertrains Industry in India12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Construction Equipment Market in India12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Power Sector in India12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Dairy Industry in South India12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Fragrance Market in India12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Digital CXM Services Segment12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Pharma Inhalation Market12/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Regulatory Requirements within Pharma Industry12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Digital/Mobile Banking Space12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of the Global Telco B2B / Enterprise space12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian animal feed and agribusiness Industry12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Retail Assets departments of Indian Banks 12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Telecom Industry in India12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of aluminium rolled products market in India12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Biologics Space in India12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of multivitamins & supplements market in India12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of kitchen appliances market in India & globally 12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian real estate industry.12/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Air Conditioner ODM/OEM Industry in India.12/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Edtech space in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of salesforce segmentation in FMCG industry12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
E-Commerce Grocery Market in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding ecommerce market in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Cement Industry in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Ingredients Market in Bangladesh12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Mobile Banking in India 12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Vehicle Financing Market in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Manufacturing Process for Two-Wheelers in India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
2-Wheelers Captive Finance Market in Rural India12/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of LNG gas marketing globally12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Operations outsourcing strategies and BPM vendor landscape 12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Paints Dealer Market in India12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Factory Relocation Trends12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of pharma regulatory space in India & US market. 12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of healthcare asset and facilities management in India & South East Asia12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Heavy Engineering Segment12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Leader in India12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Loud Hyperscalers Segment in India and Global12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Segment in India 12/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of water purifier market in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of steel industry in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Online Upskilling Industry in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Kitchen Appliances Market in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding SOP simplification in Generics pharmaco industry 12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Agri-Inputs Industry in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Used CV/ 2W/ Tractor Market in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Cement Market in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
QSR Industry in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Insurance Industry in USA12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Alcoholic Industry in India12/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of transformation services in banks & fintechs12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of animal healthcare market in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Sports Industry in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Taxi Aggregator Market in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of truck fleet operations in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Vehicle Market in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of supply chain & operations in e-commerce channel12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Alcoholic Beverages Industry12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Healthcare Segment in India12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of educational technology industry in South Korea & China12/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of lighting industry in India 11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of cables & wires industry in India 11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Fintech industry11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of mining industry11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of life insurance & bancassurance market in Philippines11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of ER&D services in multifarious industries11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of digital ecosystem in Indian startups 11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Glassware Segment in India11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Scrap Ecosystems for Battery Manufacturers11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding BC channel expansion in Banking industry11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in digital payment space in India11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of general banking branch KRAs11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Industrial Automation Industry11/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
BPO Space in Thailand11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Supplier Space in India11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Sector in India11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemicals Industry in India11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
E-Commerce Segment in India11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of chemical industry in India11/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding R&D space in Indian Electric Vehicle Market11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Tobacco R&D Space 11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding use of Technology Architecture in the Indian Fashion industry11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Temporary Staffing in the Indian Telecom Sector11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding F&A Outsourcing Business in India11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
B2C E-commerce Space in the USA11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of bioethanol & biofuels market in India11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Spice Market11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of power sector in India11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Port Infrastructure & Logistics in the ASEAN Region11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding FMCG Distribution Channel in Bangladesh11/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Test public Title11/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Market in India11/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding utility cost benchmark in pharma manufacturing space11/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts from facility management space in India11/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Polymers Market11/25/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Home Healthcare Market in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Real Estate Agency Space in China11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding QSR Space in South India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding mining contracting space globally11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of agrochemicals industry in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of Covid-19 on the Vaccine Market11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Distribution Market in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Packaging Industry in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of API supply & demand landscape in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of pet food market in Japan11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agriculture Warehousing Space in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agriculture Space in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Advance Textile Market11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Electronics Industry in India11/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of immunoglobulins market in Africa11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cosmetic Industry11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on co-lending space in India11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Poultry Industry in India11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global IT services outsourcing space11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding HIV care regulations and incentives in public & private sectors11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding credit risk policies in personal loan & SME loan segments 11/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding outsourcing operations and BPM vendor landscape across European banks 11/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding collections for two wheeler loans in India11/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding poultry market globally11/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services providers in Enterprise Network Services11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding implementation process of whatsapp banking 11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on API manufacturing automation11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating technical capabilities use cases in mining industry11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding credit card operations in Banking industry11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of blended fertilizers market11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating spices market in India11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating 3PL Logistics space11/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Oxygen Concentrator Market11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global health care Industry.11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Project planning experts in Solar industry11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Oil & Gas EPC Services11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Vehicle Loans Space in India 11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Chocolate Industry in Indonesia11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
B2C E-commerce Market in India11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Perspective on IT deal opportunities across large organizations in UK 11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Medical Consumables Space in China11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Dairy Industry in India11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Market Study on IT Services Sourcing11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Intracity logistics in the Indian FMCG Space11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the engagements of pharmaceuticals with healthcare solutions providers across the globe11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Aluminium Die Casting Segment in India11/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Ed-tech space in India11/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding glass bottle packaging across Indian and European markets11/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Inputs for billing and assurance in telecom segment11/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Staffing Segment in India 11/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Electric Vehicle space in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Video Sharing Platforms Market11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the ecosystem of ad sales across OTT platforms in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Indian Watch Market 11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Jewellery Space in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Space in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Financial Services space in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemicals and AgriInputs Industry in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of CRAMs business in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding MSME across banks in India11/18/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding current state of marketing across Indian banks11/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Swapping Station Operations in India11/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Solar Energy Space in India 11/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Biometric Market11/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding functioning of Auto Rickshaw Unions in India11/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Cement Market in India11/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Social Media Marketing Space in the Philippines11/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking Organization Structure in Rigid Plastic Packaging space in India11/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global sportswear & footwear retail industry11/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Related Telematics Industry11/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Wealth Management in Indian Banks11/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Specialty Chemicals Market in India11/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
NBFC market in south India11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Infant Nutrition Market in the Philippines11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Indian Ventilator Market11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding global pharma industry market trends 11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Continuous Improvement functions in Automotive Industry11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Work From Home IT security in the IT Services & BPO Space11/11/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Global Video Analytics Space11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
3W Passenger Vehicle Market in Bangalore Metropolitan Region11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating retail super market chains in India 11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
India Paper and Folding Carton Market 11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Organized Retail Cosmetic Space in India11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Payment Gateway Industry11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Economic Conditions in Philippines11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Solutions For Different Customer Segments11/10/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Packaged Foods Market in India11/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Indian & Global MedTech Engineering Space11/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating retail banking sector in India11/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Fire & Safety Regulations in the Indian Warehousing Space11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Baby Care Products Business in Indian Ecommerce Space 11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Beverage industry in India & Bangladesh11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Housing Finance Industry in India11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Sales functions in IT Services Industry11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Petrochemicals Market in Thailand11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma API in India11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Health Supplements Space In India11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT/Data & Analytics leaders11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
QSR Space in India11/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Energy & Water Efficiency Markets in South Asia11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Coastal Shipping Industry in India 11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global view on NPS Segment11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Advertising on Mobile Market in the US11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian Aviation Space11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian InsurTech Market11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the Logistics Industry in India11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Supply & Price Dynamics for Natural Gas 11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding renewable power capacity of cement manufacturing players11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
BPO Space in India11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian footwear industry performance pre & post covid11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Petrochemicals Asset-Backed Trading in Asia Pacific Region11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Industry in India11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding fund transfer pricing policy & frameworks in banking space11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating global API market11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Home Automation, Decorative Lighting and Doors & Windows Markets in India11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Packaged Food Industry In Indonesia11/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agrochemical Market in India11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Core Banking Solutions Market in India11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Payments Business Landscape in India & South East Asia11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Contact Center Operations in Indian Banking Industry11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Two Wheeler Motorcycle Market in India11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Payment Ecosystem in the Bangladesh Transport Space 11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the foreign currency risk & legalities in India11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Healthcare Market in USA11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding collection efficiencies in the Indian Non-bank financial companies11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding supply chain & distribution channels in the Indian Healthcare Space11/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Automotive OEM space in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Paper Packaging Industry in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Agrochemicals Industry11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Internet Routers Market in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Online Brokerage Industry11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Motor and Transformers Market in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape for Stationery/Writing Instruments Space11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of global food ingredients consumers market 11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Footwear Market in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Marine Engines Market in India11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Radiotherapy Equipment Market11/03/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on the consumer demographics for snacks and dry fruits category in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Firearms Training Simulators Space in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Use of Swappable Battery in Electric Vehicles in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating influencer management and loyalty programs in Indian Adhesives, Paints & Lubricants market11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Market Landscape for Industrial Products11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Lending Space in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Automotive Axles Industry in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Beauty and Personal Care Market in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Healthcare Ecosystem in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of smart meter deployment business in India 11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking Engineering and Research Services in various industries11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Housing Finance Companies11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT professional services freelance market11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian IT Services Industry11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Music Industry11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Distributor Channels for Whitegoods Market in India11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding asset management system in railway infrastructure space11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Pharma Gifts Procurement11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating API market in US 11/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding food delivery service operations in India and globally10/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding reduction of thermal energy consumption in container glass or related industries10/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Productivity Optimization within Waste Management Industry10/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the challenges faced by banks to expand their market in Indonesia10/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of construction & FMCG industry value chain in Philippines 10/31/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Pharma/Food Logistics10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on waste management and processing techniques10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of shipping industry in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Connecting with BCMP experts 10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Petchem industry in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts with experience in clutch manufacturing10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of agri business in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Supply chains experts with export and import expertise10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding IT Infrastructure within Insurance Space in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Personal & Home Care Space in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Special Asset Management Space in Indonesia10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Market Landscape of Dairy Sector in Southern India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Solar Racking Industry10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Coffee Processing Market in Brazil10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
LPG Market in Bangladesh10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Food Grade Coating Market in Plastic Packaging 10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Airport Infrastructure in Thailand10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating current market dynamics for various Industries10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Container Glass Composition & Raw Material Mix10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Indian FMCG Market10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Aluminium Chloride Production in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating B2B trading platforms in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
E-Commerce Segment in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding of Cloud Based Shipping Management Player in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Education Technology Space in India10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Sales Space in North America10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Outsourced Medical Coding Space10/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Collection Efficiencies in the Commercial Vehicle Financing Space in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Cardio-Diabetic Pharma Space in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Line haul operations in the Indian E-Commerce Logistics Space10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Education Loan Space in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Battery as a Service (BaaS) Space in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Telecom Sector in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Wires & Cables Industry in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Engineering Functions in Indian & Global Commercial Vehicles Space10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Consumer Electronics Components Space in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Contract Manufacturing in Electronics & Home Appliances Market in the ASEAN Region10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in ECommerce Payment Industry10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Spare Parts Industry in India10/29/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Logistics Space in India10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on the Global Oil & Gas R&D Space10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of CNG booster compressor market in India10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Global Automotive Space10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating automotive sector in India10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Gaming Market In India10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of FMCG industry in India10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Political Elections in the USA10/28/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Procurement Process in Cosmetics & Ayurveda Industry in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Market in Asia10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Procurement & Logistics functions in Indian Cement Industry10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Tea Market in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Tamarind Gum Industry in Indonesia10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
3W Passenger Vehicle Market in Mumbai Metropolitan Region10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of fuel networks expansion in petrochemicals sector 10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in laser manufacturing space10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating waste to energy space10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Sanitaryware and Faucets space in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Alcoholic Beverages Industry in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating pharmaceuticals industry in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of aroma chemicals & plasticizers market globally 10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Oral Nutritional Supplements space in Europe10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Modelling of Solar Systems on PVsyst10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
B2B Marketplaces in India10/27/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Passenger Car Market In India.10/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of rigid plastic packaging space in India 10/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding B2B Online Marketplace in the US10/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of offshore captive shared service operations in banking space 10/26/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Indian Chlorinated Isocyanurate market10/24/2020DetailsApplyRefer
3-Wheel Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles Market in the Philippines 10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Cold Storage Warehousing Space in the Philippines10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Antibody Drug Conjugate Market in India10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Liquor Industry in India10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Benchmarking of Tech & TradeOps functions in Indian Stock Exchange Market10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Beer Market in South East Asia10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on B2B market space in the ASEAN Region10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Domestic Pharma Formulations Space10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding line haul operations in the Indian E-Commerce Logistics Space 10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Standalone Pharmacy Operators in India10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Ad-Sales within Print Media Space10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding tech integration of customer tier information in Banking industry10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding in-silico modelling in Pharmaceuticals industry10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT Services space in India10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on power cable in South-east Asia region10/23/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts on e-commerce logistics in India 10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Lipids Market10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Tire manufacturing space in India10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding market landscape followed by leading BPO players 10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in the wealth and investment management space10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Expert for Indian Solar Market and EPC Value Chain 10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in water treatment chemicals & water soluble polymers10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding caster shop operations in steel manufacturer space10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Textile Printing Technology in China10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Credit Risk & SME Lending Space within Banking Industry10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of valve-regulated lead-acid battery market in China10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian aerospace & defence sector10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of organic produce market in India 10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
General Insurance Industry in India10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global Aerospace Industry10/22/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Indian Cables & Wires Market10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Financing in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
3-Wheeler Passenger Vehicle Market in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Fund Transfer Pricing Policy in Banks10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
MSME Lending Business in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Sports Media Segment in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Spice Market10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Consumer Financing Space in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Global ESG Services10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Insurance Industry in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Hybrid Seeds Market in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Calcium Carbide Market in India10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in Fintech Industry10/21/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Real Estate market in Kerala10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating trading of cementitious products space10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding North American IT Services Market10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Medical Device Associations in South-East Asia10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Boilers Market in India10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian IT Services Space10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Global Engineering Services Space10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Global Railway Technology & Equipment Market10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian Dredging Market10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of payment processing industry in India10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Audio & Wearables Market in China 10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Location-based Advertising Services in India10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Food Grade Coating Market in the Indian Food Packaging Industry10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Variable agency channel in Indian Life Insurance Market10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Chocolates Industry10/20/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Full Truckload logistic Space in India.10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of IT Industry in India10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Kitchenware Market in Indonesia10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding power procurement across multifarious industries 10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding hospital operations in India10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Audio Accessories Space in India10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of online mutual fund investment platforms in India 10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Consumer Healthcare Space in India10/19/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Cement & Concrete Industry in India10/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Banking sector10/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating consumer electronics sector 10/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating network optimization tools in power transmission and O&G sector 10/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Footwear Manufacturing Sector in India10/17/2020DetailsApplyRefer
B2C Pharmacy market in India10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian B2B Pharmacy market10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding global best practices to reduce capex in ASP projects10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Consumer Electricals Market10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating operational excellence in Global Cement Industry10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Public Sector Banking in India10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating the applications of used batteries10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Secondary Logistics in Indian Cables, Wires & FMEG sector10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Sports Sponsorships in India10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Technical Textile Market in India10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of meat processing industry in Philippines10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of security services industry India 10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Mobile Wallet Segment in India10/16/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Solutions Space10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian & Global Renewable Energy Sector10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding the Health Food Market in Japan & Thailand10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Modern Trade & E-Commerce practices in the Indian hair care sector10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Health Insurance Segment in India10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
API Space in India10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Soft Beverages Market in India10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Operations & Maintenance activities in Indian refineries space10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Ad spends in Indian Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Space10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on G&A expenditure in the Indian CPG & Alcoholic beverage companies10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Sourcing of Data Center Space for Large Tech Firms10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Engineering Service Providers10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Supermarkets in India10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of chilled flavored milk drinks market globally 10/15/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Paper Packaging industry in India10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) Services Space in India 10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Beer Industry in India10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the BFSI Industry10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of tractor manufacturing industry in India 10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Logistics/last mile delivery in Indian Paints/Cement/FMCG Sectors10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding e-commerce returns process best practices globally 10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Digital & Technology Landscape within Financial Services Sector10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of CDMO Space in Europe 10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Electric Two Wheeler Space in India10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Banking Sector in Nepal10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Used Car Industry in India10/14/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Battery Recycling Market in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of steel industry in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Food Services Industry in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating wealth management platform in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Cycles Business in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding disruptive innovations in ATM & digital payments business10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview API import & export market in India10/13/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding customer journey in credit card application process 10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating B2B e-commerce platforms in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Indian Financial Services Sector10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Fixed Broadband Market in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Real Estate Industry in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Heavy Engineering segment in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on 2W Electric Vehicle Dealerships in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Indian IT Outsourcing Industry10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Mutual Fund distribution Space in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Constructions Logistics Space in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Dry Fruits Market in India10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of plywood & MDF market in India 10/12/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Online Pharmacy Market in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Indian Agricultural Landscape10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on collection efficiencies in the Indian Commercial Vehicle Financing Space10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Goods Space in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agribusiness and Food Industry in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Agribusiness and Food Industry in Africa10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
General Insurance Industry in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Cement Industry in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating road side assistance insurance companies in India10/09/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Mobile Manufacturing Industry in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Engineering and R&D Services in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Tractor Dealer Market in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Pharmacy Retail Market in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Impact of COVID-19 on the LED Lighting industry in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the NBFC Sector in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of public transportation & road safety policies in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Hotel Industry in India10/08/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding institutional sales and distribution for pharmacy retailers and hospitals10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of coal based and LNG based power plants in India10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of the Global Dredger vessels Market10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of snacks & beverages industry in Egypt 10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating IT functions in Power Financing Space in India10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
QSR Space in India10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Golf Course Development Space10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of org structure in infrastructure & heavy engineering sector 10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Digital Banking Space in India10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT Services Space in India10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Egypt Meat and Poultry Market10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Frozen Products10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
IT experts from multifarious industries10/07/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Alcoholic Beverage Bottling Space in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Confectionery Market in China, India and the US 10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
EV Automobile Component Industry in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding tech architecture in Indian Insurance Sector10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Tech functions in Television segment10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating Digital Marketing functions in Indian FMCG space10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding socio-economic development in North India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Two Wheeler Industry in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Value Retail Industry in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Kitchen Appliances Market in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding Plywood, Laminates & Hardware Market in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding source base capabilities in manufacturing process 10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Media Industry in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
FMCG Industry in India10/06/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Global Players in Waste to Energy Plant O&M 10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on GPO’s in the Indian Healthcare Space10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Telecom Network Planning & Optimization Space in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Consumer Durable Segment in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of Alcohol Industry in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Pharma CDMO Space10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Natural Gas Industry in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Food Delivery Space in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Pharma Industry in India10/05/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of structural steel supplier landscape in India10/04/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Hospitality Industry in India10/02/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of toy manufacturing industry10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Study on Convenience Foods 10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Labour Reforms in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Glass Manufacturing Space in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Energy Exchange in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Furniture Industry in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of refractory management in steel industry10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Trends in NBFC Industry in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Understanding latest trends in freight forwarding space in India10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Overview of 2W Tyre Market in Vietnam & Indonesia10/01/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Experts in Red Sea Islands ecology and environment09/30/2020DetailsApplyRefer
Evaluating semiconductor industry 09/30/2020DetailsApply