Insight Alpha is a business intelligence partner to many different organizations. We provide this intelligence by engaging our network of experts and finding the exact subset of experts with very specific knowledge of the problem our clients are trying to solve.

Insight Alpha experts include customers, suppliers, former executives, policy makers, niche consultants, and academics familiar with key technologies, business and economic issues. These experts provide their expertise on sector insights, trends, channel checks, assumption & event validations as well as provide proprietary news flow on critical events around the target companies. Clients get an unprecedented 360 degree understanding of existing businesses as well as proposed investments. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, top tier Consulting firms, Banks, Family Offices, Private Equity funds, Venture Capital funds, Hedge funds, Mutual funds, Brokerages etc.

Career Path

Insight Alpha is Asia’s largest expert network and is expected to double headcount in the next 6-8 months. From the moment you join us as an Associate early in your career, you’ll have significant autonomy and responsibility. You’ll get training and professional development opportunities to help you excel in your role.

Through hard work, drive, and a commitment to delivering results, you’ll be on the path to becoming Manager in two years and Vice President in five, all while being part of a global team that’s dedicated to building a business, improving themselves, supporting one another, and celebrating successes together.


We strongly believe in our talent and our employees’ potential to develop into future leaders.  From day one, we will support your growth and development, and provide you with the tools needed to be successful.

Our proprietary training institute called the Insight Alpha Academy trains you on interdisciplinary topics using internal and external trainers. The training will give you the resources you need to find the best solutions. Leverage the opportunities in front of you to explore what excites you, build valuable skills and benefit clients

A peek into Insight Alpha

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