Expert Testimonials

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt Ltd

Posted on 20-Mar-2020

The experience was very good. I would lie to give more consultancy in the projects related to Potato industry.

Mahatma joythiba phule Jan arogya yojna

Posted on 18-Mar-2020

Very good experience. Love to be a part of this always

Axis Bank Ltd

Posted on 17-Mar-2020

Nice Experience. The co-ordinators are very professional.

Star Agribazaar Technology Ltd

Posted on 17-Mar-2020

Its been a very good experience discussing about the product with client.

Johnson & Johnson

Posted on 14-Mar-2020

I would like to recognise the effort put in by the Insight Alpha to bring in the expert and business closer. The process went very smoothly


Posted on 11-Mar-2020

The client was prepared and seemed to have worked on the topic beforehand. It was a good exchange of insights.

Olympic Industries Ltd., Bangladesh

Posted on 05-Mar-2020

It was nice as it also refreshed many memories of things which I had done before.

Mcleod Russel India Limited

Posted on 04-Mar-2020

It was interesting to see that the clients were seeking inputs basis my own experiences & modulated there query to fill the gaps in there quest.

Head Marketing

Posted on 04-Mar-2020

intelligent and clear questions, good experience


Posted on 04-Mar-2020

Its my first time and I enjoyed helping and sharing my knowledge and skills.

Havells India Ltd

Posted on 03-Mar-2020

It was good interaction with customer and insight alpha team member ensured smooth connect with all details

Godrej Agrovet Limited

Posted on 03-Mar-2020

It was a short call restricted to the specific subject without the larger background of the organisation. Will be interesting to have deeper engagements.


Posted on 02-Mar-2020

It was very professionally organized from Insight Alpha Agent. Preparation material handed out. Client was very friendly in telephone cosultation

Manipal Global

Posted on 29-Feb-2020

The consultation topic was in my area of expertise and I was able to provide the information the client was looking for along with relevant examples. Great experience

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Knight Frank

Posted on 28-Feb-2020

The client was extremely nice and receptive to my recommendations. They were very courteous. Coordinator from Alpha was very nice and efficient in arranging the call. Thanks and look forward to more work from you

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Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, AFS

Posted on 28-Feb-2020

Awesome Interaction with the Client, I loved the conversation

Wockhardt ltd

Posted on 27-Feb-2020

It was very good experience with Insight alpha and with client. Very time punctual and questions raised are very good and happy to help them.

Self Employed

Posted on 26-Feb-2020

IA rep coordinated very well and absolutely professional. Appreciate her prompt response and the overall handling of this assignment.


Posted on 26-Feb-2020

The expert consultation calls organized by INSIGHT ALPHA are very specific and result oriented interactions .

Mondelēz International Formerly Cadbury India Ltd.

Posted on 25-Feb-2020

I think one of the best platform to connect people and get quick and relevant information.


Posted on 14-Feb-2020

Lovely experience. Would love to work again anytime.

Nirma Limited

Posted on 14-Feb-2020

The over all experience is excellent.


Posted on 14-Feb-2020

It was a first of this kind experience for me and went great for first up. Looking forward to more consultations

Saagyan Enterprises Private Limited

Posted on 14-Feb-2020

It was a very good experience as I could utilise my skills to the satisfaction of client. Client was quite professional and heard me patiently.


Posted on 13-Feb-2020

I really want to congratulate you because the consultation was lead very professionally by Insight Alpha people. You took very close care of everything to ensure it would go perfect. Looking forward to keep on contributing in my fields of knowledge.

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Bajaj Allianz General insurance

Posted on 12-Feb-2020

Good experience overall

Intas Pharmaceutical Limited (Biopharma Division)

Posted on 12-Feb-2020

It was a great discussion, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunities. I will be very happy to serve you in future. Thanks you once again

Reliance Retail LTD

Posted on 12-Feb-2020

It’s really good to interact with new people which is one of my hobbies, so I really enjoy sharing knowledge and getting paid for this. Looking for more and more assignments.

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Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

Posted on 11-Feb-2020

It was a great experience to help some of the folks who are interested to understand the dynamics of MES in Pharma world. These type of forums help would be users to take more informed decisions.

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India Glycols Ltd.

Posted on 08-Feb-2020

Really enjoyed the session, it was very interactive

Cummins India Limited

Posted on 06-Nov-2019

Good to share the acquired experience which can add value to the client's research. (HT media Ltd)

Posted on 04-Nov-2019

Good experience. Please do refer more of such consultants to me

Allengers Medical Systems Ltd.

Posted on 31-Oct-2019

The client was very flexible and called me as per my schedule. The Insight Alpha contact person was also very polite. Overall I enjoyed this way of consultation.

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Wachelder Consultancy

Posted on 23-Oct-2019

Adequate questions, really interested and well prepared client. Useful discussion for me as well.


Posted on 23-Oct-2019

Over all it was good experience right from interaction with Insight team and client. Everything went well as planned

Manipal Global

Posted on 21-Oct-2019

It was an enjoyable engagement with the client who discussed the "how" and "why" of the industry


Posted on 21-Oct-2019

It was a good quality call and very well conducted


Posted on 16-Oct-2019

I liked the way this consultation was conducted. Very prompt responses, clarity in communication. Good job!

Independent Consultant Commodity Space

Posted on 15-Oct-2019

This was my first experience of consultation through Insight Alpha. Earlier I have done such telephonic consultations regarding Forex trading but the experience with Insight Alpha was better, it was professionally managed and everything went absolutely well and in time. I am thankful to Insight Alpha for providing this opportunity and such a wonderful platform.

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Nature’s Basket

Posted on 11-Oct-2019

The pre-call brief was good and to the point and provided me the points to work on for the call and this was helpful in planning for the call. A great experience.

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Posted on 10-Oct-2019

Overall a wonderful experience. Insight Alpha was very professional and I look forward to working with them further.

Daimler india

Posted on 09-Oct-2019

It was a great experience, the client was eager to explore the sector and know the details. Was handled very professionally.

Axis Bank

Posted on 08-Oct-2019

Excellent way of sharing rich experience and knowledge with the industry.

Namra Finance Limited

Posted on 07-Oct-2019

Let us engage more such projects in the future for leveraging market insights with clients.


Posted on 04-Oct-2019

This 'consulting' experience was very well co-ordinated by Insight Alpha. Client was also very good. Really appreciate!!

Unicorn Denmart Ltd

Posted on 04-Oct-2019

I want to thank Insight Alpha for this platform so that we can share our knowledge and expertise with the other concerned people. It was a smooth process for scheduling the call and other related process. I recommended Insight Alpha to every expert to use this platform for betterment of society.

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Independent Consultant

Posted on 04-Oct-2019

Insight-Alpha's associate followed up to the dot. Her communication and perseverance were outstanding. A great experience.

MedSave Health Insurance TPA Ltd.

Posted on 28-Sep-2019

It was indeed a good connect to discuss insight of Insurance Industry in India.

Rean WaterTech Pvt. Ltd.

Posted on 27-Sep-2019

This was my first experience in this model of consultation. Very innovative, convenient and time saving.

Marketing strategy consulting

Posted on 24-Sep-2019

It was a good experience and really felt happy to share my industry experience with the client.

Capegemini UK Plc

Posted on 24-Sep-2019

This mode of sharing knowledge is a novel concept and I am sure a lot of clients would be benefiting from this business model.

JM Financial Limited

Posted on 22-Sep-2019

The client was well studied and asked relevant questions. It was an excellent experience to interact with them, provide them key procedural insights and share my thoughts with them. Looking forward to a long-lasting professional relationship.

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TTK Prestige

Posted on 22-Sep-2019

It was a very good experience.The client asked good and interesting questions.It was knowledge enhancement for me also.

GNC India

Posted on 20-Sep-2019

I really enjoyed this call as everything went smoothly. Hope, to get more such opportunities in near future. Happy to be associated with Insight Alpha.


Posted on 18-Sep-2019

This call was quite detailed and they wanted my views on some issues that have been discussed and debated within the Industry . I believe I could dig into my experience and understanding and could convince them on some points , clarified on some others, explained a couple of concepts and also give my opinion on how the Industry might develop and how regulations will impact the industry.

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Posted on 12-Sep-2019

Client was very much interested in knowing the nitty gritty of housing finance. Felt nice to share my knowledge on the industry.

FinNXT Global Consulting, Singapore

Posted on 11-Sep-2019

This was indeed a great experience. Your Insight Alpha platform is thoroughly professional and I look forward to add value to your clients work through this way of consultations.

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RBL Limited

Posted on 10-Sep-2019

A very good platform to utilize ones skills, knowledge and experience.