Global Intelligence

On-Demand Access to Curated Industry Experts in over 80 Countries

< 8 HoursAverage time to find/curate the right expert

Every 11 Mins A Client-Expert connection

60-80% Reduction in Client cost, time and effort

About Global Intelligence

With increasing Global micro and macro challenges, Global Intelligence is one-stop solution for our clients to access on-demand expertise across sectors and geographies.

Connect with experts from 200+ sectors/sub-sectors across 80+ countries


Connect with Senior Industry Experts within hours

Market Insights

(On-demand expertise)

Access curated Experts anywhere in the world to guide you with their on-ground real-world experience around market & pricing intelligence, competitor roadmaps, industry research etc.

Market Immersion

(Country/ City Tours)

Meet industry thought leaders, key innovators, potential customers or channel partners etc.

Dealer Checks

(Dealer/ distributor insights)

Connect with a vast network of Dealer/ Distributors across industries to get on-ground insights on focus brands & companies.

See Tomorrow Today

(Innovative Trends & Discovery)

Work with ex R&D professionals, key Innovators and Thought leaders across industries to highlight cutting-edge innovation & products especially in emerging markets.

Regulatory Solutions

(Proposed Legal Roadmaps)

Work with Ex Regulators to follow impact of proposed regulation and help navigate through regulatory issues.

Expert Swarm

(Crowd Sourced Answers)

A Unique Service that allows Insight Alpha to work with Top Industry Leaders across countries to quickly find interesting M&A targets, patents for sale and unique solution to targeted issues.


Due Diligence
Market Intelligence
Operational Improvements
Penetrating New Countries
New Client Acquisition
Mergers & Acquisitions


Successful projects delivered per year

6 Million+

Years of experience of our members


Specific Industry Sectors

How It Works


You Have Questions

Business leaders need insight and expertise to arrive at better decisions & execute more efficiently


We Have Experts

300,000 platform members including former C-level executives, policy experts and thought leaders from around the world


You get Answers

We connect you to leading industry professionals to help you make more informed decisions, penetrate new sales channels and access new partners


“We depend a lot on inputs from experts sourced through Insight Alpha for our diligence needs of late we have also started using this network for the benefit of our investee companies.”

Portfolio Manager Large Private Equity Firm

“Working with Insight Alpha team has always given us remarkable results. We have been using their services for benchmarking our products through discussions with experts in SE Asia and the results have been excellent.”

Head of Strategy, Investment Bank

“It has been an outstanding experience working the Insight Alpha Team. They have always been quick and responsive in understanding our needs and providing the right solutions. We mostly work on short timelines; they take care of the elements that are time consuming for us. This results in getting the required expertise much more efficiently and accurately.”

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