We find experts based on the specific needs of our clients, and we match them with projects where they can provide relevant knowledge or a unique perspective on their industry.
Here is a brief overview of the process:

Get More Consultations with Our Clients

Your Profile

By keeping your employment information up-to-date and your Terms & Conditions agreement current, you are much more likely to be scheduled on a consultation.

Speed of Response

Respond quickly at all touch points to ensure that you can consult with our client. Our clients have strict time constraints, so it is critical that you get back to us with our requests as soon as possible.

Expert Portal

Proactively apply for projects on our Expert Portal that match your expertise. Also, add all employment information and details to your profile to help us find you when we search for experts

Referral Program

Refer colleagues and industry experts to our network. You will receive $100 for each successful referral on the completion of the referred experts’ consultation.