Client Testimonials

“We depend a lot on inputs from experts sourced through Insight Alpha for our diligence needs. Of late we have also started using this network for the benefit of our investee companies.”

Portfolio Manager Large Private Equity Firm

“We signed on Insight Alpha after a lot of diligence on their compliance systems. Their client extranet is a unique offering and helps us in avoiding conflict situations for expert consultations.”

Sr VP of a Singapore based regional bank

“We were one of Insight Alpha’s first clients and are happy to see them grow. We find them very professional and responsive.”

VP Business Development, Fortune 50 company

“Working with Insight Alpha team has always given us remarkable results.  We have been using their services for benchmarking our products through discussions with experts in SE Asia and the results have been excellent.”

Head of Strategy, Investment Bank

“It has been an outstanding experience working the Insight Alpha Team. They have always been quick and responsive in understanding our needs and providing the right solutions.  We mostly work on short timelines; they take care of the elements that are time consuming for us. This results in getting the required expertise much more efficiently and accurately.”

Top 5 consulting firm

“We were one of Insight Alpha’s first clients and are happy to see them grow. We find them very professional and responsive.”

“Portfolio Manager Large Private Equity Firm

“Insight Alpha has prepared several interactive reports for us. These unique reports allow us to speak to the key sources of data and insights. This allows us to go deeper and question assumptions behind forecasts. This allows us to make more targeted decisions knowing that the data behind the report was from excellent sources.”

Global Manager of External Knowledge Services , Global Consulting Firm

“The experts I have consulted through Insight Alpha are always well briefed and do an excellent job explaining things to me. All the experts that I spoke to were on topic, responsive to questions and did not waste time.”

VP Sales, Fortune 100 company

“We have been very impressed by the depth of Insight Alpha Experts in Asia & compliance processes and would rate them one of the best globally.”

One of the largest management consulting firms - globally

“We were pleasantly surprised with Insight Alpha’s offering of interactive surveys. We used to spend days on surveys through specialized agencies. But Insight Alpha’s methodology of getting surveys done by subject matter experts is not only unique but has both time and cost benefits.”

Top 5 market research firm