16 Feb,2018

The Largest Consulting Company In India That Few People Outside Private Equity Have Heard Of - By Entrepreneur Staff


A global private equity fund with offices in Mumbai and Singapore was looking for investment opportunities in a niche area in the healthcare space. It was unable to find a growth company where its management would be willing to sell a majority stake. Unable to find the right investment through its traditional channels of company contacts and investment banks it turned to Insight Alpha.

Insight Alpha, since 2008, has built a vast proprietary network of top industry professionals that it uses to help its clients. Insight Alpha set its network in motion by reaching out to retired CEO’s and past board members of healthcare companies who are members of its network. These CEO’s, with over combined 250 years of experience, industry friendships and deep knowledge, put together a secret list of companies they thought may be available for buyout. The list (and introductions to company owners) proved to be a goldmine for the private equity firm and a buyout was completed.

Insight Alpha is a new breed of company who is playing matchmaker for the information age. They claim to have over 300 + clients using their deep network of 75,000 + industry professionals across Asia to quickly solve hard-to-solve problems for their clients. Clients include marquee investment firms, governments, management consultancies, banks and corporates.

Interestingly, while Insight Alpha has had an impact on the investment community, its network has gone largely unnoticed by everyone other than the firms that actually used their services. Many outside of the investment community have never heard of how they can tap industry experts.

I spoke to Vineet Sahai, Director of Insight Alpha, who mentioned that the fastest growing part of the business was corporates. Insight Alpha for the past 8 years has worked with top industry experts to complete thousands of projects for its clients. These projects include calls with key industry professionals for market intelligence or longer term projects to helping clients develop new business or grow into new markets.

Insight Alpha has developed sophisticated tools to manage these project and interactions between clients and industry professionals. Its vast IT platform has compliance tools which ensure that no conflict exists between clients and experts.

Insight Alpha’s proposition for the industry to turn financial capital into relationship capital seems to be the new consulting paradigm for the information age.