Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of Insight Alpha’s Association of Industry Leaders?

The Association of Industry Leaders is a network of professionals across industries and functions. The network includes over 175,000 experts consisting of C Level Executives from some of the largest corporations globally as well as doctors, lawyers, former ministers, politicians and bureaucrats. Members of the association are compensated for consulting with global business and investment leaders on topics within their area of expertise. They provide their industry-specific knowledge through telephone consultations, surveys, reports and in-person meetings, among other consulting methods.

What is the membership fee to join?

There is no membership fee to join the network.

How do I get started?

Be sure to have an updated profile which includes your experience in a particular industry. Your professional biography plays a very crucial role in being invited to consulting assignments. The biography and employment history should at all times be accurate and up to date. Insight Alpha’s Research team uses necessary keywords in the bio and employment history to search for the right experts and invite them to projects. Once completed, apply for consulting assignments.

Where do I view the consulting assignments?

A list of open consulting projects is available for an Experts’ review on the Member Home Page. The consulting assignments are a dynamic list of projects to which experts can apply or refer colleagues. They are easily accessible and are segregated by Industries and Sub sectors.

Can I access my profile and consulting assignments on my mobile/handheld device?

Yes, we have an Insight Alpha APP that can be downloaded by Apple, Android and Blackberry Users through their respective APP Stores. All consulting assignments and other profile related information can be accessed through the APP.

What happens after I apply to a project?

Once applied for the project, the Insight Alpha research team will review your project comments and profile information. Depending on the needs of our clients and your information, we may pass along your information to our client. You may then be notified through our team to schedule the consultation.

Who are the clients that I would consult with?

Experts consult with business and investment leaders from the world’s leading financial services firms including Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms, Hedge Funds & Mutual Funds, Consulting Firms, corporations and non-profits who want to be better informed on various industry topics. Discussions with senior professionals in an industry provide them with continuing education on their research interests, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

What are the modes of interaction that I can be a part of?

Experts’ provide knowledge through different types of interactions with our clients, ranging from quick inquiries to comprehensive due diligence. Different forms of interactions include telephone consultations, in person meetings, Surveys, Reports and Onsite Visits.

Are there any other offerings that I can be a part of besides short consulting assignments?

Yes, we also have several requirements for Board of Directors, Board of Advisors and C Level Executive Positions at some of the top global firms. They can be viewed in the list of consulting assignments.

How often will I be invited to projects?

We have a continuous flow of consulting assignments across industries and geographies. We keep on inviting experts to assignments related to their expertise.

What is my obligation to accept a project?

Accepting or declining projects is entirely an experts’ discretion. Also, during a conversation, if you become concerned with the nature of any enquiry by a client, you may discontinue your participation.

Will my discussions with the client be monitored?

All conversations between the experts and clients are confidential. Insight Alpha does not participate in the consultations between the experts and clients.

Can I tell people about the projects I have been invited to or participated in?

No, Experts are required to keep all projects confidential, including the existence of the project, the identity of the client, and the subject matter discussed.

What topics will I be expected to discuss during a project?

Clients are typically interested in either broad discussions about a general industry or more detailed information about a particular product, service, or trend. Experts cannot discuss confidential information with our clients. For further clarity, please go through the Insight Alpha Terms and Conditions & Tutorial.

How will I be compensated?

When you apply, you are asked to enter what you feel is a fair hourly rate for your time. Experts will be paid at an hourly prorated rate for any consultations with clients. Experts should consider their position, experience, scarcity of others with similar knowledge etc. If you do not know what rate to choose, we will be happy to provide you guidance. After completing a project, experts submit an invoice by filling in their necessary details here. Experts’ can elect to be paid either by cheque or electronic payment in a number of currencies.

Will I be paid for my preparation time?

Due to the nature of the consultations, and the high level of information required, preparation is not necessary. As a result, we only remunerate you for the amount of time spent in consultation with our client.

How long after the consultation will I receive my payment?

Though we take all efforts to process the payments at the earliest, the time frame may vary between within 30-60 days from the date of submission of invoice.

How do referrals work?

Experts’ have the opportunity to recommend new individuals whose expertise is likely to interest our clients. A referral bonus of USD 100 is paid for a successful referral i.e. the referred expert consults for any of our clients within 6 months from the date of referral.

Will I be allowed to contact other network members?

While all consultations are separate and involve only one consultant, there will be opportunities to interact and network with other members in a community- like forum such as round tables, seminars etc.

I'm busy. How am I supposed to find the time for this?

We respect the busy schedules of professionals associated with Insight Alpha. We to our best try to accommodate the Experts’ busy schedules. Also, experts’ may accept or decline an invitation to consult for any or no reason. When accepting projects you may specify your availability which helps our Research team and our clients with the scheduling process. There is never an obligation to consult and no minimum time commitment is required.

Can I submit a project and get senior professionals to consult?

Yes, we would love to cater to your request. Please share details and your requirements at and the team would get back to you at the earliest. You can share the details here.

Am I permitted to act as a consultant for another primary research firm?

Yes. We only ask that you continue to work through us with any Client to whom we first introduced you.