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The Flavour and Fragrance Industry today - a Perspective

Release Date: 24-12-2014

ALAIN Corbin in his book "The foul and the fragrant", remarks that humans from childhood to old age, undergo an aroma


Fragrances and Flavors Industry in India - Opportunities and Challenges

Release Date: 28-04-2014

The Fragrance & Flavor (F&F) industry overall includes fragrances, flavors, essential oils, aroma chemicals and specialty aroma ingredients. The Food, Home, & Personal Care Industries a


Global Fragrances in Consumer Products - Merits and Demerits

Release Date: 27-02-2014

Many associates in multinational fragrance houses and international FMCG companies believe that all consumer products will have global fragrances in the near future. Global fragrance is the use of


Increasing the Indian Fragrance Market: Random Reflections

Release Date: 28-10-2013

We know that for a long time now, no new fragrances get actually created. Surprised! Frankly, today true creativity does not exist. The fragrances that we create now are only rehashes and modificat


Fine Fragrance Business Trends

Release Date: 20-05-2013

Aromatic brews flaunting, gossamer like qualities like power, mystery, sport, sensuality, passion, practicality, etc. have always beckoned and bewitched humans, down the ages. Prayer or pe


Are Naturals Superior to Synthetics?

Release Date: 18-02-2013

The word natural conjures in us, all the goodness of life, namely, cleanliness, purity, and freedom from contaminants, prevalent in our environment. Natural, to some,


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