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Industry Analysis: Myanmar Garment & Textile Industry

Release Date: 20-02-2013

Myanmar produces a variety of mineral commodities, including coal, copper, lead, natural gas, petroleum, petroleum products, precious


Industry Overview: Myanmar Garment & Textile Industry

Release Date: 03-12-2012

With the change in the political scenario, Myanmar is trying to establish itself as a leading manufacturing hub. The ongoing quest fo


Industry Overview: Myanmar Telecom Industry

Release Date: 18-12-2012

A telecom turf battle is shaping up in Myanmar as more foreign companies are lining up to get a foothold in what experts say will be one of the country's most rapidly g


Industry Overview: Myanmar Power Industry

Release Date: 18-12-2012

 The Myanmar economy is poised to become one of the fastest growing nations in the world. The power sector holds the key for eco


Industry Overview: Myanmar Construction Industry

Release Date: 21-12-2012

On the back of strong GDP growth and an expanding population, Myanmar's construction industry has performed well in recent years. Buo


Industry Overview: Myanmar Tourism and Hotel Industry

Release Date: 21-12-2012

Myanmar has more than 60 million people and occupies a strategic location between the two Asian Giants, India and China and is pipped


Industry Overview: Myanmar Oil & Gas Industry.

Release Date: 21-12-2012

Myanmar's oil and gas industry has been well developed since the discovery of some of its largest on-shore oil fields in the 19th cen


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