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Insight Alpha provides its clients access to a network of frontline industry experts that help them get critical information they need to be successful.

We help thousands of our clients get answers to their most critical questions, without leaving their desks. Having built a strong network of senior industry experts and key decision makers globally across a span of 80 countries, there is always a need for relevant and authentic knowledge at the right place, right time, in the right way to the right person.



Insight Alpha Incorporated


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Global Intelligence

Get access to niche expertise on markets which are constantly changing. With over 16,000+ projects completed annually, clients get answers to their opportunities and challenges 8x faster than a consulting firm

Market Insights

Market Immersion

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Expert Swarm

Regulatory Solutions

See Tomorrow Today

< 8 HoursAverage time to find/curate the right expert

Every 11 Mins A Client-Expert connection

60-80% Reduction in Client cost, time and effort

Sales Acceleration via Global Experts (S.A.G.E)

Increase your Revenue by connecting with key decision makers of your potential clients, competitors, identify new partners, JV and M&A opportunities globally

S.A.G.E Leap

S.A.G.E Magnet

S.A.G.E Data

S.A.G.E Dealer

165,000+ Key Decision Makers on the Platform

2700+ Large Corporates Looking for innovation

3000+ Procurement heads on the Platform

Corporate Masterclasses

With our tailor-made masterclasses, get access to actionable insights in order to solve your most critical challenges and learn ways to increase ROI with over 5000+ courses designed by key decision makers and CXOs from top companies.



For Education Institutes

18Sectors covered

5295+ Courses

3400 CXO’s of the largest corporates in the world teach Masterclasses

Innovation Think and do Tank

A global platform where corporations meet innovation

Find unique innovations

Find innovations with substantial ROI

Partner with innovative companies

4.2 Trillion Assets managed by Think Tank members

545 Corporates on the Think Tank seeking to invest in innovative companies

1250+ Guidance from R&D experts

Insight Alpha Clients

75 of the 100

Largest Private Equity Firms in the world

15 of the Top 50

Fortune 500 Companies

19 of the 20

Largest Consulting Firms in the world

4 of the top 10

Banks in Asia

9 of the 30

Largest Mutual Funds in Asia

18 of the 50

Largest Public Equity Firms in the world

17 of the 50

Largest Hedge Funds in Asia