Become a Client

When researching a topic, a phone consultation is an easy way to gain critical insights. Typically lasting an hour, phone consultations are private, confidential calls between the user and a vetted subject-matter expert, allowing for deep insights.

At Insight Alpha the process is human-powered yet tech-assisted to ensure accuracy, speedy service, and smooth connections to experts. After you place a request, your dedicated project manager and research analysts will research the topic and identify the most appropriate Insight Alpha Expert with the precise knowledge you desire. Each Expert is pre-screened to your criteria to ensure qualified expertise. Insight Alpha will then schedule the call, sometimes that same day, and then process is complete.

Some of the ways we can help:-

  • Corporate Strategy: Access to industry thought leaders, to evaluate M&A opportunities and understanding local and global market dynamics
  • Product Development: Access to subject matter experts, future buyers and industry leaders to evaluate product development ideas
  • Business Development: Access alumni of competitors and other industry experts to gain access to implicit client needs, warm introductions etc
  • Fund Raising:- Access to funds, lenders and companies seeking to invest in your geography & industry.

Insight Alpha’s clients include