Why Join – Membership benefits of Association of Industry Leaders
Members of the Association of Industry Leaders are a distinguished group of senior level executives, managers, scientists, professors, lawyers, doctors, consultants and other professionals, who provide timely, accurate and insightful information on the industries in which they work.
  As a member of the Association of Industry Leaders you will -  
  • Interact with senior executives and investment professionals in India as well as globally
  • Be recognized as a leading industry specialist
  • Work on critical thought provoking and dynamic projects.
  • Work at your convenience
  • Be paid well for your time usually within 2 weeks of the consultation.
  • Because Insight Alpha handles the marketing to clients, you can spend your time on revenue-generating activities, higher-level engagements and value creation.
  There are no membership fees    
Your consultation is completely optional. As a member, you may accept or decline a project for any reason. Your time commitment may be as little as 10 minutes to several days depending on the project and your acceptance when the project is presented to you. There are several ways you may interact with our clients.
  Phone consultations – Typically 1 hour or longer depending on project

Surveys – Should not take more than 10 minutes of your time

Market Studies – Longer consultative type projects which you can choose to accept or decline when presented to you

Round Tables and Private visits – Meet and educate clients on relevant issues

Master Class – Normally conducted by the top 10% of the ‘Association of Industry Leaders’

Seminars - Normally conducted by the top 10% of the ‘Association of Industry Leaders’.
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