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Demand for ICT skills reflects economy lift

The demand for ICT skills in the first quarter of 2013 has been healthy in the country's larger markets but patchy conditions are impacting the smaller cities, data shows.

The "reasonably sound" levels of overall demand reflected the national forecast of modest economic growth this year, according to the latest Peoplebank Salary Index.
The survey, released today, gives a guide to remuneration levels in more than 50 IT sector roles in each major capital, based on actual salaries paid over the past quarter.
There has been little movement in rates and salaries, the survey finds.
Pay levels were largely unchanged in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Western Australia saw spot increases and South Australia has seen both rises and falls that reflect local demand.
Queensland has seen salary decreases of about 5 per cent.
"Across the spectrum of ICT skills, demand is light and many skilled professionals - especially contractors - are increasingly looking for job opportunities outside of the state (Queensland)," the report said.
The ICT jobs market was solid in NSW, Victoria and WA in the past three months.
In NSW, demand was strongest in the government sector, especially as the state government progresses plans to improve the NSW transport infrastructure, the study found.
Overall demand has risen by about 30 per cent since the seasonal January lull in Victoria. Demand is strongest for ICT professionals with strong digital skills, as well as for project managers, project co-ordination, change (analysts and managers), business analysts, Java developers and those with specialist iOS skills.
WA has seen higher demand and pay rises for specialist architects and business analysts. Hiring is strong as the economy continues to grow faster than the rest of Australia.
The survey highlighted an estimated 30 per cent drop in demand for ICT skills in the ACT market because of end-of-financial year and election period financial constraints. It found the outlook for hiring would remain flat.
SA has been hit by slower investment and curtailed spending by the government. It has still seen pay rises for some project manager and business analyst roles.
(Source: The Australian)

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