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Amazan Group to invest in tea industry

Sri Lankan business tycoon Sabir Hussein domiciled in India was in Sri Lanka to promote several business projects in keeping with “Mahinda Chinthana” concept.

Hussein, Chairman, Amazan Group of Companies, an international business leader with interests in a multitude of industries ranging from online entertainment to exports, is looking to invest more in the local tea industry exports. His expertise in each of these industries allows him to leverage the strengths of each to propel his company worldwide to great heights.
Hussein speaking on Sri Lanka’s tea industry, said that his online presence also focuses on Lanka’s tea export industry. His online marketing efforts have also helped Sri Lankan tea exports to be marketed in a more productive manner. “It was for this purpose that AmazonLanka, one of the premier TEA exporters in Sri Lanka was created and we export several million dollars of tea.
Due to our online promotional efforts, we are receiving more requests from new countries,” he added. He has also negotiated with several top businessmen from various countries, including India to promote business in Sri Lanka.
In addition to promoting business activities in Sri Lanka, Sabir said that he is keen to assist sports activities in a big way in Sri Lanka, including Motor Car racing. Hussein also employees top economic advisers on global trade matters and his team also include top personalities such as renowned British Economist on World Trade, Dr. R. Sally.
(Source: Daily News)

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