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Xiaomi to develop its own e-commerce channel, warehouse and logistics in India

Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi is now looking at investing in start-ups in India and developing its own e-commerce window, warehouse and logistics to sell its products in the country.

The firm is looking at investing in start-ups that are working on mobile Internet technology space. “We will invest in start-ups but not in the early stage ones. We are going to invest in such start-ups that had already one or two rounds of funding,” Manu Jain, Head of Xiaomi’s India operations, has said.
Addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said there was no fund earmarked for investments into start-ups. “We are not a typical fund that raises money for such investments,” he said. The firm, which relies on online sales of its products globally, is testing a similar model in India. Though it is following the global model in India too, it is using third party online channels for the sales in India.
“We are testing a pilot. We would like to develop our own e-commerce channel, warehouse and logistics in India,” he said.
The firm cut down on marketing and distribution budgets by relying on online channels to save money. It, however, is looking at opening up offline sales too.
The company has taken space in Bengaluru for research and development. To be operational this year, the centre would work on localisation of its technology platform such as Operating System into local languages. It would have 50-100 employees by the year end.
The firm is in talks with local content aggregators to introduce its smart TV to the Indian market.
“We would like to set up manufacturing base in India. Plans are in advanced stages of finalisation. We are in talks with a few States. We will announce the decision in a few months. We will have the phones produced by a contract manufacturer,” Manu Jain.
He, however, refused to talk on the likely investments or on the probable location for establishing the facility.
(The Hindu)