Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Manufacturing Continue to Drive Growth in Healthcare NKEA

Health Minister, YB Datuk Seri Dr. S Subramaniam held his second project update in 2013 today in his capacity as the lead Minister of the Healthcare National Key Economic Area (NKEA) under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), involving ten new projects. Collectively, these ten projects have recorded RM1.09 billion in investments and are expected to result in gross national income (GNI) impact of RM673.9 million and the creation of 1,219 incremental jobs by 2020. 

Since the inception of the ETP in 2010, a total of 37 projects have been announced under the Healthcare NKEA by the Prime Minister. These projects which have attracted investments of up to RM4.39 billion are expected to contribute GNI of RM6.65 billion and create 26,665 new jobs by 2020.
The Health Minister remarked that moving forward, the pipeline for 2014 remains positive.
“We have already started evaluating a number of projects that will be announced early next year,” he said.
During his speech during the Healthcare NKEA update, the Health Minister said that private sector players are well-poised to harness the opportunities available in this industry due to rising demand in healthcare services and products.
“As partners of the private sector, The Ministry of Health and relevant agencies under the guidance of the NKEA Healthcare Steering Committee have been working hard to ensure a more conducive environment for industry growth in several areas,” he said.
Among others, this includes the introduction of the Offtake Programme for pharmaceutical manufacturers participating in the ETP; the introduction of a new entry point project for Renal Products and the full conversion of a Business Opportunity under the Healthcare NKEA for Seniors Living into three implementable EPPs which are EPP 15: Mobile Healthcare Services, EPP 16: Integrated Residential Care Centre (IRCC) and EPP 17: Retirement Villages.
(Source: PEMANDU)

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