Client Benefits

In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, the value of primary, independent research and insight has never been more important in providing knowledge. Our clients are leading global Private Equity Firms, Hedge funds, Venture Capital Firms, Consulting Firms and Corporations looking for an informational edge. We understand our clients’ research needs and find the right individual expert or put together a robust panel of senior experts around target companies, including customers, former executives, former regulators, niche consultants, and academicians familiar with key market trends, business models, economic and regulatory issues.

Hedge Fund and Mutual Funds

Asset managers interact with Insight Alpha experts for gaining a unique insight into target companies. Our experts can shine light on some of the critical factors affecting the target company including:-

  • Validation of assumptions

  • Supply chain view point on critical timelines and forecasts

  • M&A scenarios

  • Imminent catalysts and inflection points (both positive & negative)

  • Business and technology primers

  • Unraveling technology and business complexity

  • Sector trends and forecasts

  • Competitor viewpoint

  • Alumni viewpoint

  • Regulatory changes and impact

  • New entrants

  • Risk scenarios

Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Insight Alpha helps private equity and venture capital investors learn about the competitive dynamics, technologies and legal issues affecting companies of interest by connecting them with highly specialized experts.

  • Due diligence through specialized industry experts

  • Due diligence with target company alumni

  • Identify and research investment opportunities

  • Identify and research investment themes

  • New market entrants view points


Insight Alpha’s experts work with corporations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their corporate strategy, marketing, product development, and business development teams

  • Corporate Strategy / M&A: Gain insight by working with industry thought leaders and understand how global and local industry leaders are navigating through the rapidly evolving markets. Keep ahead of competition by understanding local and global market dynamics as well as M&A opportunities.

  • Business Development / Marketing: Our experts work with business development and marketing teams to help them understand potential clients and their business dynamics thus ensuring a better win rate. Work with client alumni and other suppliers to understand both the implicit needs of potential clients and thus tailor make your account strategies.

  • Product Development: Work with subject matter experts, future buyers and industry thought leaders to survey and discuss product development ideas. Interview local, regional and global experts to understand business potential, features and other attributes which will differentiate your products under development.

  • Market Entry: Insight Alpha works with corporations seeking market entry. Our member experts work closely with clients to gain an intimate understanding of the structure and functionality of their businesses and their long-term business objectives in the India and South East Asia market. Leveraging their own diverse business experience and expertise, they provide clients with a solid understanding of the competitive nature of the India and South East Asia market and devise company entry, expansion, execution, and acquisition strategies.

Investment Banking

  • Deal sourcing: Our vast network of experts including member CPAs and CEOs and CFOs are intimately aware of their own/clients needs to raise capital as well as the needs of other companies.

  • Pitch preparation: Our industry experts and former executives of target companies can work with your team to prepare targeted, tailored and accurate pitch books as well as give you an insight into implicit needs of the clients.

  • Advisory services: Our expert/s can join your deal team and work with them closely till the deal is closed.

Consulting Firms

  • Delight clients: Present clients with impactful ideas and solutions by working with our subject matter experts. Find unique solutions and avoid missteps by talking to local and global experts.

  • Develop new clients: Our experts work to educate your business development teams to help them understand potential clients and their business dynamics thus ensuring a better win rate. Work with client alumni to understand both the implicit needs of potential clients and thus tailor make your sales pitch.